Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Giving Back Where We Can

I know that quite a few of us infertile bloggers have had losses.  Some of us have had given birth to a stillborn baby or early infant death and gone through the wringer washer and somehow made it out the other side.

A new friend of mine gave me a link today to a place that gave her some peace of mind when she recently lost her baby, a stillborn due to a blood clot at 37.5 weeks.  I'll share with you all now that link.

They provide Memory Boxes which contain a burial gown, bonnet, blanket, and an envelope for the baby's hair, a copy of "Morning Will Come", and a Blanket all wrapped in tissue paper that is acid free.

They need folks that are willing to help out by donating their time to make the gowns, money for the fabric and pattern, and so on.  Details can be found at the website.

I'm thinking that when I feel a bit more up to it giving this place some.  At our old duty station I used to make blankets for the wounded warriors.  Well babies need blankets too.


  1. This touched my heart! Such a sweet idea! My mom lost 3 children and I know that it hurt her heart so much. I admire you ladies so much who lose children or aren't able to have them, but I know that just like the lady in the New Testament that Christ said “She hath done what she could.”, that you are wonderful! God bless you for your righteous desires and strivings. Know that you are all in my prayers.

  2. This is a really lovely project. We use similar boxes at work when a baby is born still or a baby passes away in the NICU. The families really appreciate having all of the mementos. We put a lock of hair, molds of the baby's hands and feet, foot prints, a little comb, the baby's name band, a diaper, blood pressure cuff (if the baby was in the NICU), and take photos of the baby and put the memory disk in the box as well so the family has those for later if they'd like.


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