Monday, December 9, 2013

New Clinic

Today was my first time going to an OB.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how I was treated by the staff.  I already knew the receptionist as she used to work for the RE office and she was happy to see me.

My nurse was friendly and happy to see that I was type to joke around a bit.  My doctor was wonderful and looks an awful lot like Dr. Burney.  Dr. Curlin has stated that even in the OR he has been mistaken for Dr. Burney.  Great personality and from what I've googled about him not a bad doctor either.

Next appointment has been bumped up to December 20th as they didn't have any openings available on the 23rd in the OB clinic.  So I won't actually have a 9 week appointment but close enough I guess and I won't complain.  I'll be seeing a civilian doctor R. Holland that is on temporary contract to the Army hospital here.

Chris, the receptionist over at the RE office, is still going to help me out as much as possible.  Today as soon as my TSH lab results were in he faxed them out to PNW.  I should be hearing back from PNW later this afternoon.  I have no clue about the number on the results.  Earlier this summer my husband bought Chris three transformers for his desk space since someone had walked off with the one he had there.

In the exam room the nurse wheeled in a machine that I swear was the mutant baby of ED 209.  Instead of firing bullets it would of course use its wands to attack.  That machine was huge.

Even though the machine was huge the screen was turned away from me the whole time.  My husband got to see the action.  I guess I should have asked to see a bit.

One sac was found.  So no it is not twins.  I am a bit saddened that one didn't make it but twins would have been an awful burden on my body and PCSing next summer to the next duty station a month before my due date with twins would have been just plain hell with a cross country trek!

We heard the heart beat.  125 bpm.

The fetus is measuring 6 weeks 3 days to 6 weeks 6 days depending on the angle/view of the wand.  So basically right on track.

I have no clue as to which embryo took. I'm betting it was the one that looked like it had a smiling face in it in the transfer photo.  The only way I'll know if it was the donor egg with J's sperm or the donor embryo will be simple DNA testing later on.  I'm sure that will be an out-of-pocket expense too.  I'm not worried but knowing would help with future medical issues that might crop up over the years.


  1. Wonderful news! Congratulations!!!

  2. Wonderful news! I'm sorry both didn't take, but glad you got one! Congrats!

  3. Great news and a great HB! I'm sorry one didn't make it, but so glad everything looks good with the little one :) YAY!

  4. Just absolutely amazing news!!! I am so happy for you. :)

  5. Happy 6 weeks!!! Glad the new clinic went well!!

  6. Congratulations so very very tickled that your fighter is thriving, I am sorry you lost one this journey is so bittersweet on so many levels. Hoping each visit gets more comfortable and you get to enjoy so much of this expierence

  7. I'm so happy for you and so happy the appointment went well. :)

  8. Let's hear some excitement my friend! You are pregnant and got to see the heart beating! What great news!

  9. So sorry one didn't make it but glad to see the other one so strong! Glad you had a great experience too!

  10. Congratulations!!!! I am glad that they treated well at the new clinic.


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