Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekend Review

Totally missed church this morning.  I was that comatose that I barely heard J open the garage door.

The head cold is in day 6.

I have 3 PIO shots left in this cycle and 2 more patch application days.  1 January is the last day for both.

Bugsy has been official adopted out to J and I.  The guy that adopted him from a pet store came to his senses and realized that our cat would be best with us since we have had him longer.  He came over with all the paperwork he had, not much but still medical history is always nice to have.  I'm very happy to have that situation resolved.

Went shopping yesterday for a baby shower gift.  Bought one item pre-made and some yarn to make a gift.

J and I went to the PX and bought Bugsy 30 tubs of Meow Mix wet food in his two favorite flavors.  Then we bought him more wet food at Petco and a toy.  The toy is one of those soothers that can be heated in the microwave.  I thought maybe he might like this since we are getting his teeth cleaned next month and he hates going to the vet.

We also went to Trader Joes were I purchase my normal monthly supply of unsalted nuts.  I live off of nuts since they are a good source of protein and portable.  I put a quarter cup in a zip lock baggie to take with me when I'll be out for the day.

Last stop of the day was Babies R Us.  I wanted to price browse.  Found only one stroller with an adjustable height handle and they had just sold the last one on the floor earlier.  Read the print out reviews on it and was a little disappointed to find it had a small bag shelf and no cup holder plus gave a really bumpy ride.  I'll keep looking.  J has been looking at some strollers on line and the price point he has been looking at chokes me a bit.  $600-$1000.00 for a stroller.  Crazy amount but since we are going to have just the one child and safety is a big issue for us I want to get the best we can afford.

Back to disappointment at Babies R Us.  I found one crib.  Just one crib made in the USA!  I asked another clerk if she knew if there were more products made in the USA in the store.  She said give her a minute and that yes they had a really small selection she would help me find.  I ended up waiting 10 minutes by the Hello Kitty furniture with no clerk coming back.  Annoyed!

Checked out the cloth diapers.  They had the G diapers which I didn't like or the old fashioned pre folds by Birdseye.  I was hoping they'd have gro-via or something similar.  Well at least J now has an idea of what I'm looking for in cloth diapers.  He'll not be surprised by the price tag or what he'll be diapering his kid with now.

Today we have to get a few perishable items from the Commissary on the installation.

Tomorrow is the 3 hour glucose test.  I've been following the gestational diabetes diet since the 26th and have now lost 2 pounds.  I am not trying to lose weight.  Yesterday, I forgot to mention, we stopped by Jack in the Box for lunch.  I ate my burger but couldn't finish my fries or drink.  Still I ate plenty yesterday with all my snacks and meals.  I'm a bit concerned that I'm losing weight and eating more.  I'm still obese so I'm sure the doctors won't be concerned since they are usually too over burdened with all the pregnancies they have to attend to on the installation.  I swear the women on post breed like rabbits.  Well I know they don't but when I was trying for years and all I saw were swollen bellies around me it felt like that.

If any of my readers have links to more Made in USA products please post them in the comments.  I'm going to try to purchase as much  made in the USA for my baby as possible.  I get so tired of seeing made in China on everything at the PX, Babies R Us and other stores.  My baby was made in the USA and I'd like to proudly have my child wear and use products made in its homeland.


  1. Not sure about US made products, but I really didn't buy anything except a few items and my pump from Babies R Us, their prices about killed me. Whew. Happy hunting though :) I'm glad you feel comfortable price shopping and that everything is going so well! I am hoping so much that they continue that way.

    I did lose 5lbs in the first trimester with V, didn't start gaining until the late second trimester (I was 227lbs starting with him) some women do lose a little. As long as baby is gaining and growing it should be okay. Hopefully with the diet everything will even out soon.

  2. sounds like you had a great weekend! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow during your test. I had to have that done a couple of years ago (for PCOS reasons...not because I was prego) and I was sooo bored in between testing. It wasn't enough time to really leave the hospital but enough time to get tired of the magazines and walking around the gift shop. I didn't have a smart phone back then...that would have helped :) hehe

  3. I hope the glucose test goes well tomorrow!

  4. BRU sucks; bad customer service and ridiculous prices. I'm not sure about products made in the US, but I hope you find what you're looking for.

    As for losing/gaining weight, don't stress about it unless your doctor is worried.


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