Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Odd Dreams

Early this morning I had the oddest dream.  I was holding a conversation with the baby within me.  I couldn't yet see my baby kind of like those dreams where you know you are talking to another person but their face is blurred out.

My baby told me it was a boy and his name.  His name began with an "M".  I can't remember his name.  Wish I could.  I haven't even considered boy names or even names that begin with an "M".  I've been good at picking out girl names for years but I've always left the names for boys up to my husband.  I suppose I'll soon hopefully have a dream where the baby tells me it is a girl and her name as well.  I mean fair is fair and one must mess with my unconscious mind!

In other news, the lab results for my TSH came in yesterday afternoon.  Finally it looks as though my thyroid is getting under control.  TSH was 2.2 and I'm to stay on the 75 mcg of synthroid.  No clue when the next  lab test for that will be.

In January I'll be doing my intake appointment with OB.  For now they are just doing the job of the RE office because of the issue I had with a doctor next door.

Oh and Chris at the RE office was wonderful on getting the TSH report right over to PNW yesterday.  However, Jennifer Frye never did get the ultrasound report sent to PNW yesterday after Dr. Curlin was done with it.

I had to call the RE office this morning and ask Jennifer Frye to send over the ultrasound report.  She was fine with doing that but there was no apology for her forgetting to do it yesterday.  This RE office at Madigan is horrible about sending lab requests to the lab, faxing results to another department let alone an outside clinic or working with their clients on a plan to get pregnant.  More often than not with my treatments I would get the "you know what to do" from them even when I was on bed rest or trying for timed intercourse.  If I knew what to do would I be asking for their help?  If I knew what to do I'd be walking around with a stethoscope and script pad dispensing advice and getting paid for it.  I went to the RE office with the hope that THEY knew what they were doing.

Oh don't mind me.  I'm a bit cranky today as my computer when turned on decided it wanted to do updates today and didn't want to be its normal work horse.  I ended up using my tablet for my Etsy shop, email and initially blogger too.  Not that the tablet isn't handy but I prefer using a full keyboard and not the single finger method when I have a lot of typing to do.  In order for me to use the keyboard that is near full sized with the tablet I have to remove its outer case (otter box) and connect it to a keyboard that then plugs into a wall outlet.  Major pain in the ass when I'm not in the mood to monkey with things.  I would use my husband's laptop if he didn't take it with him to work.  So this is me being a whiny bitch today.  Mostly likely due to a headache and the fact that my first meal of the day was lunch because I was doing laundry and fighting with technology.  Excuses, excuses.


  1. Blame it on the hormones. I've been extra bitchy all day. Seriously, yelling at the microwave, the radio, everything that I drop, just ugh. I'm blaming it on hormones, because otherwise I've got a problem lol.

    And dealing with people that don't fax or run things when they should is a headache in itself and will get to the best of us!

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