Friday, December 6, 2013


I'm so glad it is Friday.  I can't even write about how glad I am it is Friday.

I'm not looking forward to Monday's ultrasound and I should be.  I'm afraid to go and end up with Dr. Saunders again.  That is sad because I should be looking forward to seeing the ultrasounds of my baby.

I managed to lose a pound this week.  I vomited only once but have been very nauseated. I'm actively trying to keep my weight gain to a minimum because I am fat.  The less I gain the better for the pregnancy.

Today we doubled the PIO injection to 2cc/ml.   The injection was done at 0430 hrs as per usual.  I went back to bed at 0530 hrs and had the dickens of a time getting out of bed at 1000 hrs.  I got up tried to make the bed, felt dizzy and laid back down.  30 minutes later I got back up and felt an overwhelming wave of fatigue hit me.  I said to heck with this and got under the covers this time for a one hour nap.

I'm now behind on my water intake for the day because of my extra sleep time this morning.  I'll blame the boost in progesterone.

Did I mention how scared I am of going to the ultrasound and having Saunders?  I know I did.  To make things worse my husband might not be able to go with me.  He did make the appointment for us.  But now his job is taking priorities.  I had a tiff with him about it last night at dinner.  I threatened to leave him.  I'm so sick of this crap where they know he has scheduled appointments and the fact that we are having troubles with one doctors but the Army comes first and family last.  What really sucks is that I have to get lab work done at 0700 hrs and the appointment isn't until 1120 hrs.  No car either if he needs it.  Going to be fun if I have to walk to the blasted appointment in the cold because somehow they can't give him an  hour off to go with me to an appointment.  I'm reasonable.  I told him to drop me off at 0530 hrs at the hospital and I'll get the labs done.  I'll go to the pharmacy and get my meds.  Then he can come back at the appointment time.  He still doesn't think it will work.

Did I tell you I'm a big fat chicken with the thought of having to deal with Dr. Saunders?  Especially since I not only filed an ICE report on her but went to patient advocacy and filed a complaint there yesterday.  I found out that because Saunders is chief of the REI department the ICE report would go across her desk and most likely get ignored.  I mean would you censure yourself or throw out the report if you were in charge and it came across your desk?  Yeah, exactly.

Just waiting for Monday and her to let into me again.  Just what I needed an anxiety filled weekend with my high blood pressure.


  1. Very sorry to hear about your situation with Dr. Saunders. It sounds like it would be good all around if you didn't have to deal with her (both for you and for her).

    Dumb question: I know the trek is long, but why not set up the ultrasound appointments at PNWF? Again, I get that it's a trek, but I also know their bedside manner is excellent. Considering all the stress going to REI is causing, it may be something to consider (bringing up to the Army that the reason they need to cover the visit is because of your issues with Dr. Saunders).

    Be good to yourself this weekend. And hoping Monday brings nothing but happiness and joy.

  2. I really hope you don't end up with that Dr.

  3. So sorry the impending possibilities are weighing so on you...I'd say hang in and breath deep and hold your head high and go in with your mommy armor on..."shred me lady but mess with my babe...and I'm opening up a can of momma bear whoop ass! But so easy to say then walk it so instead of senseless advice I'll just send lots of good vibes that the picture on your ultrasound will be so euphoric her voice in your ears will sound like the teacher did to the peanuts...I did find that I had to eat before bed like a half sandwich etc and like peanut butter etc something small with my pio I needed so much protein to stave off fatigue and the vertigo feeling...


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