Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Doctor Called and It's Mixed News

Yesterday Dr. Reed, one of my OBs at MFM, called with the results of my Pap test.

HPV negative.  Good!

Abnormal Squamous cells.  Bad!

I've had an abnormal pap before, two over the past 15 years.  Usually the next one is okay again.  I've also been told by another RE in upstate NY that I have cervical dysplasia and had better hurry up and have kids.  That was almost 9 years ago.

So what they are going to do is keep an eye on it and retest after the baby is born.  Yes, I know that squamous cells indicate pre-cancerous cells for the most part and if removed/treated a possible good pap result next time.   Praying all will go well with this pregnancy.

In other news, I went to start the SUV and it wouldn't.  Not the first time.  I bought a new battery four years ago and in the last year have had issues with it starting.  Had to shell out  just over  $166 today for another new battery.  Such is life.

While they were checking around they did the free brake inspection, I had same company do the brake job a few years back and it is still under warranty such that there is on it, and guess what they found?  My brake lines, of which they didn't do last time, are worn out.  I got to see the damage first hand.  Ugh!  That will be another $490.

I know that I need new tires because last year two of them were in the yellow zone.  Now all four tires are in the yellow zone.  Not bad considering last time I bought tires for the SUV was July 2007.  So to replace them will be $684.

I plan on getting it all done before the 3000 mile drive out East.  I want my SUV running in the best shape possible so that I only have to worry about an accident from a driver not doing what they should rather than mechanical failure on my SUV's part because I didn't do the maintenance.

Oh and my oil is down a quart.  Can't find that spare quart of oil that J left for me.  He said he checked the oil before he deployed well I'm guessing he didn't because I've gone less than 50 miles with no oil stains on the garage floor so yeah um he obviously didn't check the fluid levels before he left.

Don't worry I gave him a polite update on what needs to be done.  He'll be home soon to take care of it all.   I'm not going to try to play mechanic and do it all myself.


  1. Sorry to hear about all the car issues- it always seems those come in pairs too! Hopefully J will get everything fixed up for you quickly when he gets back.

  2. wowzas!!!! That's a lot of moohlah to shell out! I'm praying everything goes well.

  3. You sounds pretty positive about the results of the pap, which is great. Glad you're not letting that stress you too much! Sorry about all the car stuff - UGH! No fun.

  4. Hugs and it seems that maintenance stuff always happens when the soldier leaves haha.

  5. Yuck! Car troubles are so stressful and expensive.


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