Friday, January 17, 2014

12 weeks 5 days

First off I want to show you all that I finally got photos of Bugsy, taken this morning, drinking from the faucet.  After these photos will be the ultrasound update and those photos so if you don't want to read on after seeing Bugsy's photos because it hurts I'll understand.  Don't mind my messy bathroom.  I have to color my hair this weekend.
Bugsy wouldn't hold still for photo of him drinking the water that was dripping on his head when he was drinking from the basin.  But trust me he loves water!

******Now look away if you need to.
The ultrasound went surprisingly well yesterday.  The Pap hurt and I had some bleeding which is typical.

The baby had hiccups from practice breathing.  It would take a breath and have some nerve stimuli which would cause it to throw its arms up in the air and back down with a body bounce.  So cute.  The nurse and doctor were amused and a bit amazed to see it this early in a pregnancy.

Dr. Reed is okay with my weight loss since I'm eating a high protein diet and the baby is right on track for growth.  He is inclined to think that yes I'll probably end up delivering closer to my own EDC than the one that PNW came up with for me.  But babies come when they come.

Next up is the 24 hour urine test.  I have my jug and will start it on Tuesday.  Wednesday I go for the Nuchal Translucency scan and blood work after.  Some of the blood work is genetic testing and the rest is for thyroid and other things Dr. Reed put me in for that I can't remember.  Heck after seeing the ultrasound I ended up with pregnancy brain and forgot almost everything.  I almost forgot to schedule my next appointment.

I found out that I'm part of what they call Critical OB or COB.  This means I'll be having more appointments to make sure that my health is continuing to be good along with the baby's health since I have so many medical problems.


  1. I wanna steal your cat ;)

  2. Bugsy is so adorable :) Reminds me of a stray I had taken in here and re-homed with a friend. He looks so healthy/happy.

    And so is your little one! So glad things looked good!

  3. I'm glad everything continues to go well!

  4. Happy to hear good news!! :)

  5. Well, the terminology kinda stinks but I am glad that they will be keeping such a close eye on you and your little one! :)

  6. Congrats, Rebecca! Sorry I have not been posting comments regularly, but I do read your posts and I am so excited for you. I love the U/S picture. Glad its all going well. Bugsy is a cutie!

  7. It must be so exciting for you to reach a stage in the pregnancy where you can see the wee one move!

  8. Cute kitty and even cuter little bean! :)


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