Friday, January 10, 2014

Missing J

Last night Bugsy refused to sleep on the bed next to me.  I found it really odd since his favorite blanket is on the bed.  Then I put two and two together.

Ah I see now.  The blanket that is his favorite is his favorite because when he decided it was his last year it had J's scent on it.  The blanket has been washed so many times now that there is no more scent of J left on it.  J isn't here to sleep with the blanket either.

I did a full load of J's laundry yesterday.  Somehow I missed a pair of his jeans.  I guess that is a bit of luck.

In order to settle Bugsy down for the night I had to put the jeans down on the floor near him.  He immediately took them over.  So that is the problem!  I took the jeans away from Bugsy and removed the belt from the loops.  I put the jeans on J's chair in the bedroom and put the cat on top of them.  Problem solved.  Bugsy slept all night on J's jeans.

J called this morning to tell me he arrived safely.  I had to tell him about the cat.  He is so amazed at how much the cat misses him.  I miss J too.

Now for a pregnancy update:

Still pregnant.  11 wks 5 days.   Zero weight gain.  Feeling odd flutters in the uterus.  Finding it difficult to learn to sleep on the left side.  Right side is no problem.

Still NAUSEATED!  Oh my when will this end?

For those of you that asked, yes I have a script of Zofran but No I'm not taking it.  It gives me a bad headache.

No bump to take photos of yet.  I can feel the hardness in my pelvis where the uterus is swelling with the baby.  If I'm anything like my mom and her mom I probably won't show until late in the third trimester.  When I do start to show I'll take a photo.  But in all seriousness I can still take my size 16 jeans off without unzipping them; there is just no bump.  Oh and I'm not a short chic so I'm guessing because I'm on the taller side of the curve the reason there is no bump yet is because the baby has plenty of room to stretch out.

Nucal Translucency Scan is set for the 22nd.  I will not be getting pictures from this scan as the form I had to sign says so.


  1. Glad J arrived safely and you found a way for Bugsy to settle. Sorry you are missing him! Wishing you the best always!

  2. I'm glad everything is still going well.

  3. Awww about the kitty!

    Being taller probably does play into showing a lot. Glad things are going well! Oh, with V I never really got that comfortable on my left so I usually slept on the right. I know left is technically ideal, but any side really works. Half the time I wake up on my back still, it's so much more comfortable to me... I know that needs to stop soon though as things progress.


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