Monday, January 13, 2014

Finally Back on the Bed

Last night Bugsy decided I was worthy of his presence and decided to sleep on the bed once more.

He finally figured out that his human daddy's pillow still smells all nice and took it over.  I have to say it was a relief to have the cat finally settling in a bit.

On a bit of a fun note:
I tried, but was too late in making the decision, to get a photo of Bugsy on the bathroom vanity.  Seems he likes to lick the water out of the basin.  Not just any water though; fresh water.  I turned on the spigot and let the water run just a little and he'd lick it up as it fell.  Any of my other cats always hated water dripping on them but not Bugsy.  Bugsy just loves when the water flows over his head while he tries to catch the "raindrops".

When he was done playing I had already missed the photo opportunity.  I'll try again tonight if I remember.

I did dry him off after he was done playing in the sink.  He is such a good kitty.


  1. Glad he is back in the bed with you!!

  2. I wonder if Bugsy is part Maine Coon. I know a red Maine Coon who looks a lot like Bugsy and LOVES water. Could explain his behavior.

  3. Replies
    1. I didn't get a photo of it last night either. I'm sure J would love to see it.

  4. How cute!!! What a sweet little guy :)


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