Thursday, January 23, 2014

Forgetfulness and Crankiness

There are days that I wonder if it is "baby brain" or "fibro fog".  I wake up in the morning and forget what day it is in what season or month.  Yes that bad.

At yesterday's ultrasound I had difficulty getting the right words out when talking to the tech.  Could be the TBI too for all I know.

I did forget to mention what else was found in the ultrasound.  I still have that scar tissue, cyst, growth or what have you that rests behind my left ovary.  I was 4.5 cm before pregnancy and is now 9 cm across.  It looks like it has been squished down to about 2.5 cm.  I did ask about the length measurement but forgot to ask about the height.

If I remember I'll ask my doctor about it at the next appt.  No sense in writing it down because my next appt isn't until Feb 11th and I'll probably lose the paper I wrote it on.  I will write it in my calender book but that doesn't guarantee that I'll remember to look at it to ask that question either.

Too tired yesterday after the ultrasound and labs to go shopping for groceries so I went this morning.  Thinking about food just pisses me off.  I hate grocery shopping but right now I have another reason.

The reason is that I got an email from my spouse.
He said, " After that, there was time to find the chow tent, with rice, peas and carrots and some kind of beef strips in thick gravy.  Just in time too, because SFC came to ME a couple hours ago looking for MREs, apparently the ones we were issued for movement have all been used up, and only now are they delivering real food, and that apparently only once a day, but at least we're eating."

Just lovely!  Not only is he going through sleep deprivation but almost starvation too.  I hope they find more food for them soon.

I love how Congress keeps proposing budget cuts to the military.  The latest two are getting rid of the food allowance and housing allowance and instead forming some sort of COLA (cost of living allowance).  The food allowance is so the soldier can go eat at the DFAC or have food money to get food, not for the family to spend.  I always allow J's full amount of food allowance for his own food intake each month.  It isn't for me.

The second thing Congress is proposing is cutting the Commissary budget so that we would end up only having about 24 commissaries and the food cost there would go up.  Now how is that going to save the soldier's money when they have to pay more for groceries and they won't be getting a food allowance?  I guess that 1% raise they got this year is going to pay for all the little things that the government is taking away from them?

Sorry but this just burns my bippy!


  1. How awful that they aren't feeding them properly. I'm sure all the fat cats in congress and so forth are getting a full 3 meals a day!

  2. Wow that is just ridiculous! :(

  3. SO not cool. I'm sorry all of this is happening. I understand cuts, but cut the right things, not food!


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