Monday, January 6, 2014

I Can Tell It Is Monday

Monday is such a busy day in my household.  There is the normal laundry, bill paying, and residual house work that didn't get finished over the weekend ie: laundry, more laundry and where the heck did that piece of laundry come from!

Today it is a bit different.  Besides laundry I have a bunch of calls to make to doctor offices.  Now that I have a clear month where I know I'll have the car to my access I'm trying to schedule as many of my doctor appointments as possible for that time.

I called Neurology for the follow up.  Glad I did as they forgot to put into the system last Autumn the request for EMG and MRI they wanted to do on me during the second trimester.

I called OB to schedule the Nucal scan.  Turns out they forgot about it too.

I also called OB to find out my sugar scores.  94 fasting, 175 first hour, 146 second hour, and 100 third hour.  I guess it looked good because no one bothered to call me.

Now I just need to find out the date of the Nucal Scan when I pick up the form on Wednesday.  Next I can schedule the EMG and MRI and finally I can schedule Bugsy's teeth cleaning.  I was going to have his teeth cleaned this month but it takes two people to get him into his cage for transport.

Oh and I gained back in bloat 0.6 pounds from eating pizza yesterday.  I paid for it when the puke started to come out my nose.  I swear there is nothing I can eat without it coming back, not even a veggie pizza.

Breakfast this morning was 4 egg whites with 3 tbsp of grated mozzarella cheese and freshly ground pepper and salt.  So far 40 minutes later it is still staying down.  We'll see if it makes it for the full hour.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! Sounds like a really frustrating day! I hope it gets better and that you start feeling better. Have you requested Zofran from your doctor to deal with the nausea?

  2. You will have a busy month for sure!


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