Sunday, January 5, 2014

Guilt Tripped

Yesterday I decided to get out of the house for a short trip across the road to the Exchange and Commissary.  I need to get wax and hair color at the Exchange.  I needed about $55 in grocery items to include bird seed and cat food at the Commissary.

On the way out of the Exchange I was greeted by a chaplain's wife.  She inquired as to my well being.  I told her the morning sickness is awful.  I don't get out of the house much because of it.  I wasn't lying.  She said she looks forward to seeing me in church tomorrow.

Not like I'm being guilt tripped or anything!  This was after she gave me advice to eat 20 minutes before I get out of bed like she did with all of her pregnancies.  I'm not sure how many she has had but she has several living children, at least 5 that I have seen.

I explained that I cannot eat before getting out of bed because I have to take medications that call for an empty stomach first thing in the morning.  My thyroid medication is just one of the medications that must be taken on an empty stomach.

I don't want to go to church during flu and cold season.  J picked up a cold there before Christmas and passed it on to me.  Lucky me I was sick with it for the holidays, and while pregnant you can't take a thing for it.  Not fun when you have asthma.

So I went to church today.  Behind me a kid was coughing up and snorting up his snot.  He kept putting his fingers up his nose digging for gold then running his fingers around the backs of the chairs.  Just really gross.  I spoke to my husband about it while in church and said this is just the reason why I don't want to go here during cold and flu season.  God gave me the gift of my baby and I'll be damned if I am going to allow sickness that can be avoided to take it away from me.

Most likely I will not be attending while my husband is away for his deployment.  The season is ripe for flu if one has been listening to the news.  I've had my flu shot but I don't care to find out just how effective the vaccine is on me by being out in public more than needed.

To stave off some of the nausea during church services I popped a ginger pill just before entering church.  It helped some.  I also chose to bring with me a bottle of water.  I was going to sing with the rest of the congregation but I was a tad afraid to open my mouth and have vomit come out as I felt it rise up a few times.

Oh on the baby news...I made it to 11 weeks today.  This is officially the longest I have ever been pregnant.  Hoping I make it past 24 weeks!  My breasts have started to fill out.  Not good.  Already hard enough to find a 40 DD bra that is comfortable and now they are even bigger.  I also lost more weight this week.  In 10 days I've lost 3.8 pounds.  Wondering when I'll actually start gaining weight.  My clothes are getting tight so I guess the baby is growing at least.  Won't know for sure until the next ultrasound of which I've no clue when that is. This week I'll have to call and remind OB that I'm in my window for the nucal scan.


  1. Definitely, do not go out and mingle where viruses are brewing. Hopefully, next year and the following you will have your own germ incubator and virus catcher, so you will catch up on that. But as it is, don't let anyone guilt trip you. This period is so special and flies by, you should do exactly what you want, when you want it, and have no qualms about that.

    How did your GD test come out? I think 94 is not that stellar, depending on which units are used, but I am not sure this is under the limit. I had GD and both times I had the fastening levels blow my test. With the diet, and light exercise, I kept it under control, and there were no major complications, whatever there was i am not sure it was due to Gd, but surely favoured and made slightly worse. But overall, it was not the end of the world as. I had thought when I first heard that. It is nice to not gain weight but the end of pregnancy, more than the baby and the additionals, which are roughly 16 lbs, I think. I had a hard time losing weight after pregnancy, mostly because my adorable babies do not sleep. Good problem to have, I know, but still problem that makes losing weight not that easy.

  2. Yay for 11 weeks and being the most pregnant! So glad things are still going well :) I hear you about not being able to eat after the meds, I'm there with you. Hopefully your morning sickness will start to lessen soon; one can hope!

    I also know the woes of bra shopping, that was the size I was pre-pregnancy. I'm in a 42DD at the moment, and it is so hard to shop for either size. I usually hit up the specialty plus size store but man that adds up money-wise... I bet there's some places you could buy online cheaper, but then you have to worry about fit. Ugh. It's a headache.

  3. Sorry that church isn't a relaxing experience for you right now. Take care of you!


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