Friday, February 21, 2014

17 weeks 5 days OB Appointment

All went well.

BP 129/59  Woot!
Fundal height: 18 cm
weight: -1.2 lbs from last appt.
Fetal heart rate: varied between 150-151 baby kept moving around.  Yes it is ALIVE!

Was asked if I had a maternity pillow.  Not yet.
Was told I should go buy one.  LOL  will do that soon.

Asked if I could get a maternity belt prescribed.
Was given script and sent over to the brace room.  Scheduled appointment for the 7th to have one fitted.

Addressed the left ovary pain issue and it was noted on chart.  Will be watched.

Will do thyroid blood draw on Monday as that will be closest to the two week mark from last draw.

Next follow up is scheduled for the 12th of March with OB.

All genetic blood testing came back perfectly fine with little to no risk of trisomy and Down's syndrome.

Anatomy scan is scheduled for the 14th to make sure the rest of everything with baby is good.  Might find out gender that day but if we don't I'm still okay with team green.

Called my mom and told her how the appointment went.  She said, "you know you are allowed to gain weight!".  Last week she was saying I shouldn't gain weight.  Make up my mind Mom!  Explained to my mom that the doctor was okay with my weight loss as I am eating a good diet and I'm only allowed to gain 11-15 pounds anyways.

I'm guessing I'll start gaining weight when I have to eat fast food during the PCS to the East Coast.  I won't be able to drink as much water as I'd like to in order to flush out the salts since bathrooms aren't that plentiful on the trip.

Sad note:
The jeans I'm wearing now have another hole in them.  I fixed the last hole in the leg by taking them in as they are lose enough to take off without undoing the zipper or button; a size 16.  But alas I can't fix every hole.  I'll be down to 2 pair of non maternity jeans at the end of the day.  No big deal.  I'm actually looking forward to showing off my small bump soon with maternity clothes.  I can proudly say that my belly isn't fat but just baby with the amount of weight I've lost in this pregnancy.  I'm not being smug but I am a fat girl and it is so nice to see my hourglass figure in the mirror again; at least for a few more weeks that is.


  1. I'm glad that everything is going well with baby! :)

    1. Me too Jen. I just pray that I can get to week 24 without losing my sanity.

  2. Glad to know that all is going smoothly with you and baby!

  3. Hi from ICLW. yay! Praise God for a good appointment!

  4. So glad everything went well! Grow, baby! I purchased the boppy maternity pillow and really like it, although most people get the snoozle. I didn't want to take up too much room in our Queen bed and felt the boppy would take less space.

    1. All I can think of is how hot it is going to be in Georgia this summer with a huge pillow in my bed.

  5. Glad your appointment went well!

  6. Congratulations! Great news! Here via ICLW

  7. Glad to hear good news! And hoping here you can know the sex in the next appointment :)


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