Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend Blurr

J actually had a four day weekend this weekend.  Well okay it started out that way but we had a bit of work in-between of which since I'm really tired I didn't mind him having to go for a bit to work.

Friday, wow I really can't remember what happened Friday.  Is that a problem?  No I think not.

Saturday we managed to get in a little shopping at the PX and Commissary.  J got his Taylor ham pork roll from the commissary which was nice because this way I didn't have to order it for him on line for Valentine's Day.  Usually that is where I have to get it.  If you've been to Jersey you might just have had Taylor ham and you'll know why he loves it so much.

Saturday afternoon he received a phone call from one of his soldiers.  She is med boarding because she had fibromyalgia.  I can understand how she feels with the pain and fatigue.  Somehow she ended up on the staff duty list.  There is no way with fibromyalgia a soldier can pull a 24 hour shift and stay awake too.  J and one of his other soldiers split the remaining 12 hours of her shift so she could go back to her barracks for rest.  J took the first 7 hours leaving his other soldier the last 5 hours as that is what they had agreed upon.

Sunday I went shopping for a few party favors and decorations for my baby shower.  I swear throwing my own shower is getting expensive and I'm trying to go as cheap as possible.  I know I'll have racked up at least a $500 bill with food, drinks, favors and decorations by the time that day is over.  Will the guest appreciate it?  I hope so because I'm dog tired today.

Monday I went shopping for the flowers for the tables for the baby shower.  After shopping J took me out to a local chowder house to celebrate Valentine's day a bit late.  I was fine with that since the place and idea were mine to begin with.

After lunch we headed home so I could start making the centerpieces.
These are just a few of the centerpieces that I made yesterday.  I tried to stick with neutral colors but yet spring time as by the time the shower rolls around the gender may or may not be known.  I'm still on the fence about finding out.

On the bump front:  still can't be seen from a standing position.  Baby Hiccup decided to move to the left side yesterday and has so far stayed there.  My nipples are on fire and hurt so bad that I hold them and make keening noises.  Wishing there was an anesthetic I could apply topically to them.


  1. The flowers are beautiful! Good job! Showers are expensive. I hope you get a lot of great gifts to even it out. :) Take care.

  2. The centerpieces are absolutely gorgeous! :)

  3. The flowers are adorable!

    Oh yeah, the nipple pain... it gets better for some people. Mine never did with V, or this pregnancy either. I anticipate it worsening with BFing again too, assuming we get there. The only comfort I have is padded bras, because even the air is the enemy. Still, I can't even cross my arms over them sometimes.

  4. Those centerpieces are so beautiful! I love them!!

  5. I love the creativity and effort. The flowers look so beautiful. That's what makes the party very special because of the effort of the people to make it possible. Enjoy the preparation and the party as well.



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