Thursday, February 20, 2014

February ICLW

Welcome to all those from ICLW!

Tomorrow is my OB check up where they will be doing a thyroid blood draw and fetal heart monitoring.  I am currently 17 weeks and 4 days.

Hoping that baby is still alive tomorrow.  Yes I'm just that paranoid.

Yesterday I noticed that I'm having troubles walking and talking.  I end up breathless.  Most likely it is because of the increased mucus and my asthma.

It is also getting to be increasingly hard to bend over without the round ligament letting me know that is it there and quite cranky.  I'll be asking my OB tomorrow about getting a maternity belt since I went into this pregnancy with back issues.

Lying down on my sides to sleep isn't easy.  The spinal stenosis makes for a very uncomfortable sleep.  I'm getting used to the chronic neck pain and arm pain.  As if having carpal tunnel in both hands wasn't enough to deal with before pregnancy.  But yes I was forewarned that with all of my medical conditions pregnancy would be rough on my body.

The puking up has stopped for the most part.  The last two nights I had a brief bout of it when I went to lie down for the evening.  I still have some nausea.

I guess I'm lucky with the weight gain but I don't feel lucky.  I feel worried.  That 0.6 lbs I had gained is gone again.  I'll be weighing in tomorrow with less weight.  I never knew gaining weight would be so hard because I swear before I got pregnant all I had to do was look at something full of fat and calories and I would gain weight.

I'm still wearing the same size 16 jeans I was last year and the year before.  I am starting to have a bump but not a pronounced "oh shit look out she is going to blow" type bump.  My bump is more of a subtle roundness to my abdomen that makes it look like I'm just fat.  However, I can tell you it isn't jiggly fat any longer.  My lower abdomen is hard.

Weird movements.  Not really feeling the baby kick much this week.  I do feel and sometimes watch it move to the other side of my uterus.  Most likely it is just gravity pulling it along as I switch positions for sleeping.  Wishing baby would just kick a bit to let me know that it indeed is alive.  Yes, again I am that afraid that I'm carrying a dead baby.  If you have gone through what I've gone through I'm sure you felt or will be feeling just as paranoid.  Repeat loss messes you up for a happy pregnancy.

So that is where I sit for today.  Hope none of you fell asleep reading this bit of a blog post.


  1. Fingers crossed for a great appointment tomorrow! :)

  2. I'm so glad the puking has stopped! yay!! Praise God for that!! Don't worry about the weight gain or loss...your baby will get all of the nutrients it needs :) No stress!

  3. Praying for you today. Can't wait for an update from your appointment!


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