Tuesday, February 25, 2014


My pee since last night has been coming out orange.  I know exactly why too.  It was the four potassium tablets that they gave me in the Emergency Department last night.  Why was I there?  I'll fill you in.

Saturday J and I went to a birthday party for a one year old at 1400 hrs.  1900 hrs we attended a baby shower for a friend.  Within 24 hours of those outings, hey I try to stay away from public as I DON'T WANT TO GET SICK, we were both vomiting and had diarrhea.

Even the zofran wouldn't keep it down.  J was able to eat and drink a bit yesterday.  I couldn't eat or drink.  I ended up dehydrated and in the emergency department with an IV in my arm.  I was tachycardic  with edema in my legs.  I've had the edema in the legs for years but my PCM chooses to ignore rather than address the issue any time I've brought it up in the past or so I told the cardiac doc attending to me.  The cardiac doctor asked me if I might have congestive heart failure.  Warning bells went off in my head.  He asked me if I had been to the cath lab yet.  Yikes!  My father has congestive heart failure.

The doctors attending to me asked a plethora of questions that neither J nor I could answer fully as we were both exhausted.  Before I reached the ED yes I was running a fever of 100.8.  Yes I had been vomiting and yes it had changed from the normal vomit color to red to brown because we know I have stomach ulcer issues.

My reason for going to the ED was because I was worried about the sickness affecting the baby.  The fever alone was reason enough to go in my book.  They couldn't find their fetal tones monitor so they opted to do an ultrasound.  J missed the last two ultrasounds so he was literally agape and gasped when he saw how much the baby had changed.  He was totally amused with the nice spine curve that he got to see.  Yes the tech could tell the sex but wouldn't tell us when she saw the rump because she isn't allowed to tell.  But she did hover it there long enough that if we knew what we were looking at, the screen was at a really bad angle for me we could have had our guess.

After three blood draws the doctor came back with potassium tablets.  That jogged my memory when they mentioned it.  I have hypokalemia I told him and I often forget I have it because I take potassium supplements daily with my vitamins.  He said that yes the potassium was extremely low.

Sighs...I'm going to be okay.  I'm eating today.  Just half a bagel with some watered down juice to see if I can keep it down.

I have a follow up appointment at OB on Friday.

I told J  he can tell them at work that I won't be making cookies for them this week.  Not as punishment for getting me sick, if it was someone at work that he picked it up from, but because I was told 3-4 days before I'll be feeling up to doing anything like that.  I agree.  I feel like a wet rag rung out to dry.

Oh and this wasn't the flu.  There is a bad, can you believe this, COLD that is going around that cause nausea and vomiting.  I had my flu shot in September and this years seems to have been the strain they needed to cover the flu bug.  But seriously a cold that causes flu like symptoms?  This is just crazy!!!


  1. Oh man! I hope you start feeling better!

  2. Whoa that sounds awful! Feel better!

  3. So sorry you're dealing with that right now :( I really hope you get well soon!!!

  4. Glad you are okay. That sounds scary!

  5. Ooof! I hope you're feeling better soon.


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