Friday, February 28, 2014

OB Follow Up after ER Visit

Today was the follow up appointment from the ER visit.  J and I are recovered for the most part from the Noro virus.

The only difficulty today was in getting to be seen at the OB by the proper folks.  I had an appt. time set for 1115 hrs with the COB doctors.  The receptionist insisted I didn't have an appt. and sent me through triage.  I was then seen by a medical student that went into great detail on my exam and questioning.  He then wanted to know, because he saw in the computer that I had an appt. for that day with COB, why I was being seen in triage.

Face to palm and big UGH!

At 1300 hrs the doctor I was supposed to see at 1115 hrs arrives in my room and asks me why I was being seen in triage and not in the other corridor where her office is.  I explained again like I did to med student and to the receptionist and I blamed the receptionist who dared to argue with me.

As if I really like spending two hours of my day in an exam room having to lower, raise, lower and raise my drawers for nurse, med student, and doctor.

All is well with the baby.

fetal heart rate: 147

My weight:  down 2.2 pounds since last week Friday at the last OB appt.

Blood pressure: 136/62

On Monday at the ER baby was measuring two days ahead.  Today it took three tries by two different nurses to get the fetal heart rate.

Try # 1 battery died

Try # 2 baby refused to hold still

Try # 3 with different nurse almost instantaneously the heart beat was heard.

They are considering me already in my 19 week of pregnancy.  Oh goody, now just when am I going to gain a baby bump to match all the rest of those in the OB waiting room that are the same week?

Still wearing my size 16 jeans since I seem to have plenty of room in them.  I want to put on the maternity clothing but I don't want to embarrass myself in public by having them fall off me.  Hopefully by the baby shower, two weeks away, I'll be fitting into them without having to think about accessorizing with a belt or suspenders.


  1. I am so glad that everything is still well with the baby! :)

  2. Glad to hear all is going well. Looking ffd to some belly pics!

  3. Ugh, that receptionist would have made me livid. What an idiot, and then to argue with you like that to cover her own ass? No. Sorry you had to go through all that for your appointment, but really glad the baby looks good and all is well! Hopefully you'll pop soon, I know it felt like forever with V for me... but I bet anytime now it'll happen for you.

  4. So glad baby is looking and sounding good. Blame the receptionist for sure! UGH!


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