Friday, February 7, 2014


J came home yesterday.  So good to see him.  He didn't make me jump when I heard his voice behind me as I kind of felt his presence in the room.  I was restrained and dignified in my homecoming welcome to him with a brief kiss on the lips then it was back to work for me.

Work?  Three other spouses and I were busy at the food tables making sure the homecoming soldiers had hot food and coffee.  Most of us arrived at or before 0800 hrs to set up the food and drinks.  The first buses arrived around 0900 hrs and the one my husband was on arrived at 1000 hrs.

I believe that we did a wonderful job in welcoming home the nearly 200 soldiers to our unit.  We stayed quite busy plating danish and burritos, adding in chili to the crockpots and making fresh coffee.

The only draw back was that a few spouses with their passel of children decided to eat the food meant for the soldiers.  They heard that we were having food for the soldier's only but it didn't stop them.  It wasn't a family picnic!  I guess what was truly annoying is that they would make up plates of food for their kids and then the kids wouldn't eat it.  They only wanted the sweets!  Then the rude spouses wouldn't even trash their own plates or the plates of their children so I had to ask nicely if they were done and I'd take the plates the 20 feet to the garbage can for them.  It takes only a few spouses to ruin an event and give us all a bad name.  I put these few women in the bon bon dependapotamous category.  The ones that civilians often think most of us belong to but the majority of us aren't like them.

So yes the soldiers were kept for a long period of time even after weapons turn in for their debriefing and to check the hand receipts again.  I think we were all released by 1430 hrs.  Not really bad because we had plenty of time to clean up our tables.

My food contribution wasn't the initial 24 dozen cookies that I had thought to make as some spouses volunteered to make some and just drop them off.  I went with 8 dozen chocolate mint chip cookies instead.  As it was Thursday the soldiers were also wondering if I would have made cookies and were actually looking for them.  Since I had put my last name on the box the cookies went fast!  Thinking I'll make oatmeal raisin ones next week.

I did have to take a quick break to sit when I had a bad dizzy spell.  Luckily one of the spouse that was also helping out was there for me to latch on to when I felt like I was going to collapse.  It wasn't because of my sugar because I had brought with me and eaten two of my 10 gram protein bars.  I had also made sure I kept my 24 ounce water bottle latched to my belt loop as to remind myself to drink fluids often.  I think it was just because the uterus was having another growth spurt.

So quick update on the ute...I think it might be growing too fast.  It is less than an inch from my navel right now.  But I will be 16 weeks on Sunday and I have an anteverted uterus so maybe it is normal?  Any one have a clue?  I'm still wearing my normal clothes and wished I had a belt for my pants yesterday with all the squatting I did.

J took me out to burger king for a whopper yesterday.  I splurged and still didn't gain weight.  No I didn't eat but about 5 fries, I find them too salty.  I did however really splurge on a small chocolate shake. I paid for it later with a gas attack from the shake and the onions on the burger.  Oh man did my stomach swell!

When we got home from his work place yesterday I go in the house first and call to Bugsy.  The cat took his lazy time coming to the utility room area.  That is until J called him, then the cat ran to him and rubbed his legs all over.  J picked him up and the cat put one paw on either side of J's neck and hugged him while rubbing his face into J's.  True Love!!!  I think I actually saw a tear well up in J's eyes.  He thought for sure the cat wouldn't remember him.

Sleeping with J and Bugsy last night was rather interesting.  Bugsy had taken over J's pillow a few weeks back and decided that he might be willing to share it with J or might not if he couldn't have 3/4 of it.  J conceded, since he loves that cat, and rolled to his side to give Bugsy most of the pillow.


  1. I'm glad he's home now :) Sorry the homecoming didn't exactly go as planned, but it sounds like it went well enough. Your cookies sounds delicious.

  2. I'm so glad he's home.

    I think your size is probably fairly normal considering the shape of your ute. I have the same and started showing way earlier than I was told I would. Baby might also be nestled higher in it, making it more noticeable.


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