Sunday, March 23, 2014

22 Weeks

I can't believe it is Sunday already.  The time is just flying by as we prepare to move to Georgia.  Church this morning hit a good note with me as the sermon was about something I've been working on in my life...legacy.  No not just having a child but not passing on certain things and learned behaviors from my parents.

No bump photo to show any of you.  Still weighing about the same.  I weigh less today and for the past few days than I did the day I had the embryo transfer.  I doubt the belly button will be popping any time soon.

I did break down and do a little more maternity clothes shopping yesterday.  Since we are moving to a warmer climate I need shorts and a maxi dress.  I went to Kohls only to find out that they don't have maternity clothes in the store, only online.  I went next door to Target and bought a two piece swim suit, two pair of shorts, a maxi dress and a pair of 6 months size jeans for baby girl.

Yesterday I washed all the clothes and packed them in the suitcase.  Tonight J is going to do the pre-pack of the suv to make sure all of what we want to bring with us will fit.  What doesn't fit will have to sorted out by priority and put into the household goods to be packed up.  Movers will be here to pack the house as early as this Thursday.

Next week Monday the movers will be here to pick up the boxes and furniture.  From that day on, 31 March we will be sleeping on an air mattress, a nice air mattress.  We borrowed from a neighbor a card table and folding chairs.  I will be keeping a phone on at the house until the second and turning in the modem and cable box on the 3rd when I have the cleaners show up to clean the inside of the house.  J and I will be cleaning the garage, shed and exterior of the house.

I'll be glad when we hit the road!

The new duty station is still being a bit of a pain in the housing department.  I had to get yet another modification form signed stating that I cannot having carpeting in the house.  I mean sheesh wasn't the first modification form signed by the doctor they needed it spelled out that with asthma I can't have carpeting.  It is the south and I dread to think of the crap caught in the carpet from the previous tenants even if it is steam cleaned.  Roach droppings, assorted bug poop, animal leavings permeating the padding below the carpet, mold from the padding not drying completely and so on can raise havoc with my allergies and asthma.

On another note, I'll be making mac and cheese tonight to last a few days so what with our busy schedule we don't have to think much about cooking.  J is going to help with the prep work as my right shoulder is acting up and grating the cheese is going to be painful.

Well time to figure out what to eat for lunch besides frozen fruit and frozen veggies.


  1. Moving is always such a stressful time!

  2. Wow, time is flying by. I too went to Kohls when I was pregnant only to find out it was online! Good luck with the move. I cannot imagine doing all that when pregnant - you rock!!

  3. Yay for 22 weeks :) So much going on, I'm still hoping everything goes smoothly for you as you begin the move.

  4. I hope your move goes well! Being an army wife you probably are a pro by now. ;)

    I've only moved twice in my life that I can remember, and neither was a big moving experience. One was leaving my parents house because I got married, which was a several hour away move, but it was mostly just my bedroom that needed packed up. The other move was only about 15 minutes away from our previous house, so lots of trips back and forth, but not a huge move.

    Enjoy your mac-n-cheese!

  5. Good Luck with the move...Also good luck with getting all the packing done.

    Happy 22 weeks. May all be well with the pregnancy and beyond.


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