Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Little Bit at a Time

Now that we have our orders to move we are going through the check lists and getting as much done as possible.

Many things are different with this move from our last military move almost six years ago.

  • We now don't deal with hard copy of orders but just a number for the order and have to print out copies from there for the place that won't just take an order number.
  • The post movers JPPSO (or something with that kind of acronym) are now just emailing and not present in person.  We again have to hurry up and wait and be at their beck and call.
  • This military move is our entire household goods together.  Last move was done partially from Korea and partially from NY as Korea was an unaccompanied tour of duty.
  • We have a pet this time around which means health certificate, kennel in car, litter box, toys and less room for J's stuff.  No room for all his ammunition this trip he has to give it away.
  • I'm pregnant which is entire kettle of fish of its own to deal with.
So for the past few days I've been inventorying out stuff.  I have the movies, music cds and some seriel numbers written down along with the book inventory started.  I'll need to update the photos of possessions and inventory my jewelry which won't be going into the main goods shipping but will be part of the DITY move.

Today J and I brought Bugsy in to the vet clinic to get his teeth cleaned, nails clipped and to schedule a health check up to get a certificate for the next duty station.  Next appointment is scheduled for Bugsy for the 26th of March.  Bad news though, the vet called me.  Bugsy's teeth cleaning went well but he has a hole in a tooth with a root lesion.  Though it is small now it will get bigger and painful.  We opted to have it pulled today while he was still under anesthetic.  At least I know with the next appointment they can check his teeth to make sure it is healing well.  I just feel so bad for the kitty.  

Now I'm just sitting here waiting for two phone calls.  One to pick Bugsy up and the other for a quote on the cleaning team I'd like to hire to clean my house for inspection.  I would clean it myself but with the chemicals needed to give it thorough cleaning I just can't while pregnant.  Bleach aggravates my asthma.

Well that bites, cleaning company just called and they don't have a house cleaner on staff any longer.  Ugh.  On to the next name on the list.


  1. Moving is such a stressful time! Moving twice in 2012 was the worst, I don't ever want to do that again.

  2. Sorry to hear about the kitty's tooth. I'm sure he'll be alright in no time. Our cat that has FIV had severe gingivitis and had to have all his teeth removed except the canines, it was expensive, it was a little hard on him, but after recovery he felt so much better and it was worth it. He was like a brand new cat. Anyway, it'll be okay. It's hard not to feel bad for them though! They really are resilient though :)

    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! I hope everything goes smoothly.

  3. Moving is so stressful! I'm sorry you have to do that while pregnant.

    Poor kitty!


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