Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Computer Issues

Looks like my NVIDIA card is fried in my desktop computer.  Right now I am using my husband's laptop just to post something today to let all of you know about this past weekend.

Baby Hiccup is kicking me a lot while I'm trying to type up this post.

Baby shower went well.  Had some photos to share but they are on my desktop.  I had just save all other photos the day before my anatomy scan to the external drive.  This means I can't share baby shower photos until I replace the video card.  I talked about that with J, since I don't use my desktop for gaming I can just get a cheap replacement video card before we move in two weeks.  But I do worry that with it going into storage for quite a while that the desktop might become further damaged.  Thinking I'll just wait and hook J's laptop up to my work station after I dismantle the tower for packing.

So for the next few weeks posting to my blog will probably be scant as I begin to take things off of the wall and pre pack them before the movers show up.  I will try to post from the road trip East if I have adequate signal.

I might even have a change to post some baby shower photos before long as a friend was taking photos at the party.  I just need to attach my external drive to J's computer and down load them to there. 

That is if I remember.  Ugh, baby brain is getting so bad.  I have to basically chant to myself or even out loud what I need to do later in the day for appointments.  Yesterday I went to almost a panic thinking it was a week later in the month than it is and that I was already running out of time to get inventory done. 

More later when I get used to J's laptop and get some photos to share.


  1. Sorry to hear about your computer, but glad everything went well and hope that preparing for the move and everything goes smoothly!

  2. I'm so glad the baby shower went well!!!! :)

  3. Glad you had a nice baby shower. Wishing you the very best during your packing and travels!


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