Wednesday, March 12, 2014

20 Week OB Appointment

Yes, I realize that I am closer to 21 weeks but I'm okay with just calling it 20 weeks.

Weight:  I'm back to the weight I was the day we transferred the embryos.  Nothing gained, nothing lost.

Baby is growing like a weed.

Fundal height:  I'm measuring about a finger width above the naval as of today.

Fetal heart rate: in the 140's the doctor said as it kept varying

BP:  135/68

Friday I have the anatomy scan where I might find out the gender.

Any guesses on what J and I are having?


  1. I'm leaning toward boy, but this baby is a fighter and girls are tough! All I know is I hope you have a relatively easy pregnancy un eventful labor with the end results is one healthy baby and one healthy mom and on mentally intact dad!

  2. So excited to hear what you are having. I think its a boy!

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!
    I have been away from blogger for so long and finally made a post last night. I am so incredibly happy to see that you are with child!!!!! Congrats :)

  4. I'm going to guess... boy. For no particular reason :)

    Glad things looked good at the appointment! Good luck at the scan, I hope all looks well with the little one.

  5. I think boy too!

  6. We are all boy I guess! So happy for you!


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