Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Mess

Hopefully I can get all this in chronological order but if I don't oh well.


  • 0802 hrs Bugsys on post vet calls to see how he is doing.  As I cannot get into his mouth, hold him, and flash a light in there myself I tell her that so far so good.  Have to wait until my spouse comes home for lunch to check the cat.
  • 0930 hrs I check in at the Ortho Brace Clinic for my 0945 hrs appointment to be fitted for my maternity belt.  I am not seen until 1045 hrs.  Why so long?  The clinic at the Army hospital is short staffed because four civilians decided to call in for a long weekend.  Ugh!  Most annoying thing of the one hour wait was the fact that a CW4 (chief warrant officer 4) decided to take dirty boots and put them on using the end table where the magazines were which was next to me.  I look at his boot, look at him and say, "I hope you plan on throwing out that magazine when you are finished tying your boots."  He said he would.  Really folks this is a hospital and you don't take your dirty footwear and put them on the furniture!
  • 1100 hrs and J is home early from some clearing to help me check the cat.  Crap I notice that the Bugsy's left cheek is swollen.  Our vet on the military installation has a civilian operating it today and refuses to see sick animals.  Yes that blew my mind.  Wishing the Cpt. was on duty that afternoon.  We were referred off post to a clinic.
  • 1200 hrs arrive at the clinic off post where we were told it shouldn't be too long before Bugsy is seen as they take all emergency pets first.  Okay cool we should be out of there soon.
  • 1900 hrs (7PM) and we are just getting out pet back.  Bugsy got seen at 1830 hrs behind all the other scheduled pet visits.  I'm pissed.  Not only has our cat gone without food and water for a long period of time so have I (I'm pregnant and have sugar issue too) and my husband who is still in his dress uniform from an inspection early that day.  Nothing like not eating until 1930 hrs for the first time all day.  They prescribe Bugsy some antibiotics and pain killers.  They wanted to know if we wanted his nails clipped.  I said we just had his nails clipped on much for them saying they did a thorough exam and charging us for it!
  • I dig up the dahlias and cut down some rosemary to give to a neighbor.
  • J digs up the rest of the garden as we have to remove all bedded plants before moving early next month if we want to pass inspection.  Problem here is that the family member that wanted the majority of the plants had some communication issues with her offspring and they said they couldn't pick it up this weekend but could do it next weekend.  Next weekend is the baby shower that they declined to come to.  That bugs the snot of out of me.  I'd write more about my feelings here but I imagine you can guess how I feel about some of the family right about now.
  • We manage to contact a friend of mine that would love to have the plants and all but a few of them are now gone from the beds.  Four types of plants including one large rosemary bush to go and they'll be cleared out.
  • We head out to the commissary and put in our order for the baby shower cake.  I've printed out four designs that I like and would like aspects of them used in making the cake.  Think Beatrix Potter for a clue.  I'll post photos of the cake next weekend for that round up.
  • I overslept and missed church.  When I woke up I realized I needed to set the clocks ahead an hour.  J made it to church because he got up at 0420 (now 0520 hrs) and stayed up.  I too got up at that time to give kitty his meds and to take mine too.  J returned from church with a gift bag of which inside was a beautiful hand crocheted baby blanket.  I love it.  I know I can make them too but it is so nice when someone else gifts you such a wonderful handmade with love gift.
  • Laundry.  I still think the elves are making extra laundry.  I did four loads on Sunday and will do another two today before the day is over. 
  • Went to the PX then the BX just trying to find the feline pine litter that we use for Bugsy.  Finally got a bag, last bag of it on the shelf at the BX.  Will have to get more soon so we can take it on the road trip.  Ended up spending over $100 at the BX when I found some good deals on the clearance racks.  I needed a new pair of sneakers as one pair just hit the dust bin a week ago.  I also was able to snag some clearance baby stuff...just a pack of hat and booties and a nursing cover but hey only paying $1.50 for the booty hat pack and $4.88 for the nursing cover is an excellent deal in my book!
  • Poor Bugsy is getting sick from the antibiotics.  Two episodes of diarrhea and the kitty is so tired out.  
  • Bugsy has an appointment for a vet check up today at the on post clinic.  Hopefully all things will go well enough.


  1. Oh man what a weekend! You need some rest!

  2. Sounds like a rough weekend. Hope the week goes better! :)

  3. Sorry the kitty is having issues recovering from the tooth extraction :( I hope the antibiotics clear things up quickly! And so sorry you had to wait so long to be seen for the vet and the orthopedics place! So frustrating when that happens. Also understand being upset over the family thing- that is pretty shady!

    But how sweet about the blanket :) I agree, you can do that but it's nice when someone makes a gesture like that.

  4. The same here, I missed the church last weekend then I realize I should prioritize it on my schedule. We should give our time praying and be thankful for the things that we have. Hope the appointment with vet is fine.

    military spouse


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