Thursday, March 20, 2014

11 More Days

Just eleven more days left until I am sleeping on the floor.  Well okay not quite the floor as we purchased a queen sized air bed but still it will be just about the same in the end.

Not sure where the past five and a half years have gone but I know it went some place.  Most of it has been with deployments and infertility treatments.  I can blame the five year blur on that bit.

The flower beds are now all empty except for the rhododendron bush that was there when we moved in.  The house is full of boxes to be filled up with the electronics.  I'm starting to take down the curtains and photos from the walls.  My fridge is almost empty too.  Soon I'll be just buying food for each meal.

The next duty station has already offered us housing for the 12th of April.  Big problem there.  We won't be signed in yet.  We have to be signed in to get the housing.  We don't turn over our keys of our house until the 4th of April when we pass, hopefully, final inspection.  I have hired a cleaning crew to help in the cleaning of the house.  She'll do the inside but we have to do the garage, patio, storage and exterior of the house.  The military allows us ten days to get to the new duty station and I'm going to need most of it to travel that three thousand miles.  Before I was pregnant six days was all we needed.  Now we'll be stopping more and J will be doing all the driving.

With any luck we'll have housing shortly after we arrive at the new duty station.  I realize the choices are slim for two bedroom places on post and we'll most likely end up with an apartment down stairs but such is life.  Even rank doesn't get better housing at the new duty station unless you are above Major or above E-7.  A two bedroom at the new duty station is for a couple with one to two children up to the age of 10 even if a different gender and the housing is much smaller than here at JBLM.

I'll just make do.


  1. Fingers crossed the housing situation works out!

  2. Good luck! From talking to my family in the military, I know what a pain moving to new duty stations is.

  3. Moving is so exhausting, even without being pregnant. I think if I were an army wife I would have to just get rid of most of my stuff. I'm sure your living situation will get worked out and I hope it isn't too much of a headache.

  4. Glad to hear that you're pregnant and doing well (despite this major disruption)! I hope that your last few days there go smoothly.

    (Hope, ICLW #19)

  5. Hey there from ICLW! I'm praying that the move and housing and everything else that might seem stressful goes perfectly smooth. HUGS!

  6. My husband was in the Navy when we first married. Oddly, the Navy had indiscriminate, or so it seemed, rules about who got what...we chose to take the BAQ and live off base. I digress...good luck on your move! Hopefully all works well and that you get settled quickly!

  7. Stopping by from ICLW. I'm a fellow military wife and we're moving in a little over a week too. It's not an official PCS, it's actually a six-month TDY, but it's going to be a hassle nonetheless. Good luck with the move!

  8. Moving is so much fun, isn't it? I think I've probably moved once a year for the past seven years, only once for military, and that was when he got out. I'd heard horror stories about the final house inspection, but luckily ours went smoothly. I hope it and your entire move are as stress free as possible!


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