Friday, May 2, 2014

Finally I have an internet connection

Yay!  Now I'll try in earnest to find time to blog. 

Monday the household goods shipment is due to arrive.

Tomorrow about half a dozen packages from Amazon are due to arrive.  I've been busy using the internet at the library to shop for items off my registry.  I still have over 100 items to purchase!

I finally settled on a crib.  I bought one through Stanely Young America.  It is made in the USA of sustainable wood harvested in the USA.  Through Amazon I purchased the mattress made of soy foam, also sustainable and made in the USA.

I did break down and bought an organic cotton bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids.  I couldn't resist the Peter Rabbit design.  I still need to purchase the crib bumper but I'll get that later when I'm sure that I want to use a bumper pad and not a crib liner.  I'm paranoid about suffocation.

I am a bit bloated.  Still at a negative weight gain from the starting weight but I'm sure I'll remedy that before this pregnancy reaches its end point.  I'm definitely showing.  I went to the post office today to pick up a package, it was Bugsy's birthday gift, and I asked the clerk if she could help me.  She says she doesn't deliver babies.  HAHAHA!

I'll be 28 weeks on Sunday.  Third trimester where the heck did you come from?  I swear this move has just ate up an entire month.

More in a few days or when I get the chance if sooner.  Hope to have a new bump photo to post if I can get J to use the camera.

Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. Happy third trimester!!!

    I'm glad your travels were safe. That's great you're getting situated and getting things together. Very exciting :)


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