Sunday, May 4, 2014

28 Weeks

Finally made it to the third trimester.  If I do my math correctly I am considered to now be in the seventh of the tenth month of pregnancy.  Mind you my mind is total mush now and I often have to search my brain for the word I am looking for during conversation; much like how I was after my last TBI.  I feel like such a dull-witted fool.

Carpal tunnel issues along with the spinal stenosis are getting worse but that is just par for the course.  Thyroid levels are holding the same which means I'll be staying on the 75 mcg dose.  My next OB appointment is this Thursday.  I'll be finding out how much I've gained in the past two weeks.  Can't believe it has been almost two weeks since my last OB appointment here.  Oh and I know I've gained about four pounds in about a week's time because I've been weighing myself and watching my feet swell to the point that they look like puff balls.  Now if only I had some furniture besides the card table and chair set and the blow up bed to put my feet up on during the day.

Tomorrow the household goods shipment will be arriving.  I can only hope for two things:  first that my cat stays in the bathroom and doesn't mind it for the almost six to eight hours that the movers will be here and that very little is going to turn up broken.  I know there will be a few broken things as that happens with every move.

J and I have finished buying all the baby gear.  Truly it did cost us about five thousand dollars to equip this baby and no I didn't end up buying the expensive Origami stroller either.  We decided to go with the Bob revolution SE stroller with the Britax infant car seat.  Seems that it has become a gimmick to ensure that all new parents have to purchase infant car seats if you want to use a stroller during the first six months of your child's life.  So that meant the adapter for the stroller too along with the sun shield, weather shield, bug netting and so on.  Weather here in Georgia is just the whole gamut in just a days time I swear.

We are loving our trial subscription to Amazon Mom and I think I'll continue it.  Nothing better than getting your packages, most of them, delivered within two days.  We purchased a metal shelving unit for the utility room.  At Lewis I had a nice wooden built-in one that I used for pantry and storing my appliances.  Unfortunately the cabinets in my kitchen here, though I have more of them, have fixed shelves.  Rather a pain in the but when I can't even put a bottle of olive oil in the cabinet because it is too tall!  We measured out the space between where the washer will go and the hot water heater sits and we can fit an 18 inch deep by 48 inch wide shelf unit.  This house was built in 1978 and it needs a lot of work.  Really wishing I could tear out a few things and make it more mine but with renting one can't do that.

The bassinet, I bought for $10, is up and sitting in the baby's bedroom.  I'll be putting it later in our bedroom but that will have to be after I dig it out from the mountain of boxes that will be arriving tomorrow.  Anything that was in drawers or trunks they repacked into boxes so I have double the stuff to work through.

Yesterday I scored a Munchkin microwave sterilizer at a yard sale for just a buck.  I also purchased two pieces of outerwear and a newborn onesie for $1.75.  Most everyone with a yard sale was closing up when it started to rain, even those having it in their garage.  That wouldn't happen at Lewis as rain is a given most days.

Sad to say but I still have over sixty more items on my Amazon registry that I'll be needing to purchase.  Mostly just the nipples, bottles, teethers, toys, Christening outfit, books and sundry things.  But still I swear it is like it is a never ending list.  I dreaded spending all that money but knew it had to be and J was good about it, the one person I thought would put a halt to the spending of such a large amount from our savings.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Maybe it is because he likes the idea of getting to assemble all of the equipment?

Yesterday when the infant car seat came in I had him take it out of the box and line it up next to Bugsy's cage.  Before it arrived he swore it wouldn't take up any more space than that large cage though I told him it would.  I don't mind moving my seat up another notch as I had some room between the cage and me during the 3000 mile trip.  So yes he was surprised to see it was an inch or two longer than the cage.  We have a medium sized pet kennel for Bugsy since he is a large cat. 

Speaking of Bugsy, he has lost 2.8 pounds in a little over 6 weeks.  No we haven't had him on a diet but with the move he wasn't eating as much nor getting as many treats.  I would actually say that he is close to no longer being obese with just 2 more pounds to lose.  Still wishing he didn't lose it so quickly.

Finally the bump photos.  Even with the suspected weight gain I am still weighing less than what I did when I found out I was pregnant.

I still have a waist to put my hands on.  Don't mind the roll under the bra line as I've always had that from wearing ill fitting bras.  I can't seem to find one with a band that goes under the boobs to hold me in so I go without the band type bra and just learn to deal with it.


  1. LOVE the bump pic and YAY!!!!! CONGRATS on the third trmester!!

  2. Congratulations! I loved the feeling of ordering from our Amazon registry (not the paying for it, though) and getting everything in two days. It is so much fun setting up the baby's space! Glad you're able to start settling in!


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