Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Venting Some Bile

The title will have given all of you a bit of warning so I'm going to plunge into what is pissing me off since last night when J came home.

First off J tells me that the commander wanted to know my due date.  Okay no big deal.  They battery is slated for NTC, yes J already went in January with his old battalion, in August just after I deliver.  Oh not because the commander thinks that J should be left behind.  No the commander is putting us on the list.  What list?  The list that the Sergeant Major has so that he can be a plague upon your door step as soon as you get home from the hospital.  Yes, we are going to get a visit from the SGM.  I really don't want to be entertaining the man while bleeding heavy from birthing a baby.  I have endometriosis, adenomyosis, a 9cm ovarian cyst and a fibroid on my uterus.  I'm going to just want to sit there in jammie on a towel to help prevent ruining furniture if I bleed through.  I'm not going to want to serve coffee, cake, tea or cookies to someone that just basically wants to do a health and welfare inspection but wants to call it another name.  I won't really want to be seeing anyone that doesn't bring me gift of a casserole or housework offers.  Is that so wrong?

I swear if I have to see the SGM he better be bringing Merry Maids along with him.

Second thing that pissed me off is that J has been notified from the FRG that they would like me to take a spot that is open.  They offered it to me last meeting and I said no.  I'm a high risk pregnancy due in July I told them.  During J's new comer brief the crew on duty said that they have an opening for me as village mayor.  Again NO!

But it really burns my ass that I barely know the FRG and last night in my email, yes they have my contact information and said they would get in touch with me to see if I need anything, and have invited me to the baby shower for the wife of a high ranking NCO who is due for a girl in July.  What am I chopped liver?  Where is my baby shower?  They all know when I'm due.  Where is my team that is going to take care of my needs.  Oh wait, my spouse isn't a high ranking NCO or officer so yeah I get nothing....just like I did at JBLM after giving them six years of my "free time" to the FRG I got nothing.

I still get emails from my old FRG who still hasn't realized, though I write them back each email, I moved and am due in July.  Nor have they sent me my yearly appreciation for volunteer service award that is giving out each April.  I'm sure they miss my input, cookies and the blankets I made for the wounded warrior project as I was one of the few to actually show up to the meetings.  But really I'm ticked off.  I ended up throwing my own baby shower.

 Now some wife of a high ranking NCO is going to get a baby shower on the FRG dime?  Someone I maybe met once and don't remember her at all.  There has been just one FRG meeting since I moved here.  I gave out my contact information willingly to several of the members because they looked like they would be helpful in me getting to know new people and finding my way around the new duty station.  Not one phone call.  Just an invite to give someone a gift and celebrate their baby.  Mind you I would love to go if I weren't so tired, breathless, having cramps for the past month and new the lady well enough to feel comfortable going but I'm not one that even likes parties to begin with.

There I vented.  Have at it.


  1. I have a suggestion: get a letter from your perinologist. Explain the situation to him/her and ask them to write a formal letter stating explicitly what can and cannot be expected of you. Make copies and send out to the higher ups. What I'm willing to put good money on is they will not contradict these instructions but will instead follow them to the letter. Saves you the stress and frustration of having to explain to people your situation.

  2. Nothing wrong with venting! Get it out.

    1. It felt so good to get it off my chest too

  3. I would do what Cristy says or just tell them plain and simple you can't do it right now. I think you are reading into everything way too much. Sometimes life sucks, and people don't appreciate you, know you need help, understand the situation or maybe they don't care. There is always going to be someone who has more, gets more etc. Count your blessings and move on.

    1. I do count my blessings. What I'm pissed about is the fact that the people who said they'd be there to help out are asking me for more help instead of offering to lend a hand.


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