Monday, May 19, 2014

Busy Bee

J and I are still unpacking.  But other than a few boxes in the kitchen of damaged items and items for a yard sale I'd say that the apartment is unpacked.  The shed on the other hand, J's domain, is far from free and clear.

Yesterday I ordered for him a sturdy shelving unit identical to the one I had ordered and he put together for our utility room.  Now he can store his gear and tools on a shelving unit and still have room for his shop vac, work bench (if he ever finds its) and other items that don't get shelved.

Over the weekend J and I worked on the furniture in the baby's room.  There was quite a bit of damage to several antiques and unfortunately three of the pieces were ones we had put aside for our baby.  The antique Bird's-eye Maple dresser was ruined in my opinion.  The bottoms of each of the three drawers needed new pieces glued and nailed to them along with scratches, digs and stains fixed on the outside.  I found no less than three water glass rings on two pieces of furniture.  Seriously couldn't they put their bottled water some where besides on my furniture?  The antique cherry desk had issues too.  When they were bringing it into the house I stopped them.  Sticking out of the desk flap was a piece of the cherry wood that someone had splintered off and just decided to stick in the desk and partially out of it.  I was pissed.  So far it looks as though it has come from the underside of the desk in an area that is only partially seen.  But I bought paint markers for both pieces of furniture and lemon oil.  The Bird's-eye nursing rocker also has damage to it.  But since it uses the same marker and oil as the dresser I didn't have to purchase double.  I do have to say that all three pieces look wonderful now.  I had taken photos of all of my household goods before we moved, during the moving into the house and will take photos of them in the next few days to show what had to be done.  I have photos of where J was gluing and nailing pieces into the furniture.  Yes, I also saved receipts for purchases to repair the items too.

Thursday I have to go back to my Savannah Perinatologist.  While there I plan on checking out a furniture store on Bee street.  I still need to purchase a night stand for the baby's room.  Oh I realize she won't need it for about two years but I'd like to have it on hand so that I have a place to put one of the lamps in her room.

Her closet is packed right now with all the gear we purchased for her.  When we are fully done with restoring her furniture and assembling her crib, whenever that shows up, we'll put down the carpet, move the furniture into position and start taking things out of her closet.  However, as soon as we are done with restoring her dresser I am going to start washing her clothes and diapers.  I'd like to get things ready soon just in case she decides to show up a few weeks early.

Here is a 30 week photo:


  1. You guys are definitely busy! :) Great photo.

  2. Looks like you are getting a nice bump.:) Sorry you have to deal with all the aftermath because of that terrible moving company.

  3. Wow---so much going on!! You look great!

  4. Oh, I would be livid if my moving company had that little respect for my things. Gah.


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