Thursday, May 29, 2014

Some Bit of Happiness

Finding that silver lining in the clouds isn't always easy especially during rainy season in the south but I think I found a bit of it yesterday.  I had my weekly ultrasound and this time they gave me pictures.  After the ultrasound I got the chance to speak with the NP and she gave me good news.

All is well with baby girl.  Again they are just worried about my health.  They think I'll be able to deliver at the Army hospital here on Stewart which is good news for me since I live on post and don't want to have to be rushed 24 miles away to the Savannah hospital.  J likes to tease me, geez I hope that he is teasing me, about them having to do a life flight for my high risk pregnancy if Stewart can't handle it.

I should be able to do the hypnobabies now that I've agreed to a lock in the back of my hand for fluids and deemed medically necessary only medications.  They know I don't want pain meds as I don't tolerate them well.  I will of course plan out the information sheet that I will give to them and keep a copy on hand if the first sheet should get lost.

Now for the visit.

Urine was good
BP: 134/61
weight:  gained 0.2 pounds considering my appointment time was for 4:15 PM and I got seen at 5 PM and had eaten at least two meals yesterday by then the weight isn't that bad for a difference from the previous week.  Still down about 5 pounds from the starting weight.
Amniotic fluid density was 15.2 which is good
Practice breathing was on the mark

I normally don't like the 3D and 4D photos that are done of the babies as they really creep me out.  Recently a friend posted one of her baby and it was terrible.  I mean it looked like a puzzle badly put together.  She had her's done at the same amount of weeks that I am now.  Must be the machine that did the imagining was crappy.  I was really surprised at how well the imaging came out yesterday.  Still a bit creepy as Baby Hiccup decided to start opening up her eyes at the last frame.

She was doing her practice breathing here.

I think she looks a lot like J when he was a baby. If I could fine a copy of the photo I know I put on this blasted computer to share with you of his baby photo I would but alas after 15 minutes of searching I can't find it.  So annoying.  At least I have two hard copies of his baby photo.  Oh and she is smooshed up next to the placenta in the photos.
Okay I found a photo of J at his first Christmas.  Now doesn't she look a lot like him?  He was about 3 months old, maybe 4 months old in this photo.


  1. She's a cutie pie! I'm glad you had a good appointment. Sorry for all the drama you have been experiencing lately. This should be a blissful time for you not a time where you have to be stressed out about everything. You and baby are doing great so that is always a silver lining!

    1. I agree with the stress. My bp was up a bit today at the appt. Of course it could have to do with the tech taking the bp and her attitude this morning.

  2. Oh she is a precious baby girl! :)

  3. Awww, those are great shots. She's so cute!

  4. Adore able baby she is saw these bottles thought of you, with moving a lot limited space they are sorta cool...Pura Kiki stainless bottles.


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