Friday, May 9, 2014

28 Week OB Check Up

Yesterday was my 28th week check up at the OB here at Fort Stewart.  Again a different doctor.  In the many weeks I've been going to an OB here and at Madigan I've yet to see the same doctor twice.  As of yesterday when they started to schedule the next few appointments it looks like they'll be keeping me with Dr. Canady.  He is a really sweet man.  Great personality, older, and I hope he turns out to be the one I'll look forward to seeing in the Labor and Delivery suite.

Next week Thursday I head over to the Perinatologist in Savannah.  Tricare is allowing me four appointments with them and hopefully I'll get to use them all before she is born.

I finally gained two pounds.  But alas I got on the scale this morning and found that I'd dropped 0.6 pounds overnight.  I swear it is all this unloading of boxes I'm doing that is causing the weight to drop off.  Dr. Canady isn't too worried.  He said the weight guidelines should be thrown out the window.  He also said that I have baby that is growing just fine but that she is well hidden.  I'm really getting tired of the remarks from women where they keep saying, "you are so small for 7 months".  I want to tell them, "yes, because this is my first baby and I'm not constantly stuffing my face with empty calories either".

Weight:  + 2 pounds which still makes me 3 pounds under my starting weight and of course another 0.6 pounds lost this morning gives me more wiggle room.

BP: 124/75

Fetal heart rate: 145

Fundal height: 31 cm.  Yes the dizzy spells I've been having can be attributed to the growth spurt of my uterus and baby.

Anatomy scan will be coming up soon.  High risk OB in Savannah will either be requesting that Stewart do it or they will do it themselves next week though I don't think I'm due for another anatomy scan until 32 weeks.

3 hour Gestational Diabetes test:  I passed with perfectly normal numbers!  Thankfully I corrected my eating habits early on with the 8 week test failure and barely passing the 10 week test.

Thyroid test:  controlled nicely on current dosage of synthroid.

On a different note:  My dad is still in the hospital.  We are hoping that soon he'll go to the nursing home for recovery.  Unfortunately he developed pneumonia after his surgery which was a complication we were hoping he'd bypass this time around.

I've called my mom and requested that J and I be allowed to come up for a visit on Memorial Day weekend as it is the last time until I deliver that I can travel up to see them.  She told me that my brother had requested that weekend too.  Well damn, I mean they won't get the chance to see me but for maybe an overnight trip as I pass through in November or December for the baby's christening.  I think I should get priority this time for that very reason.  My dear brother can get vacation easily while J can't.  Besides I have stuff to bring to my mom's that she'd like to have I reminded her.  Unlike my brother that makes a nuisance of himself while there and my parents often can't wait for him to leave.

I mean it isn't much that I'm bringing up to mom.  I have some hand embroidered table linen that I made and will fit her dining room table.  Also her grocery cart is bent to hell and I never used nor took out of the box the winnie wagon I purchased 6 years ago when I thought I'd be moving to Korea with J.  It is something she said she'd love to have and I intend on bringing it up to her and assembling it for her.  She has a ramp in the back of the house for dad's wheelchair which makes it easier to get the groceries out of her SUV too.

So we'll see what some pleading will do.  Hoping that mom understands that it is now or never with the wagon too as next time I come up the SUV will be filled with baby stuff, baby, and cat headed to NY with just an overnight stay at her place.


  1. Wow - 28 weeks!!! So glad everything is going well with your pregnancy.

  2. I hope you are able to see your parents!

    1. Unfortunately my mother decided that my brother should have priority. Seriously how the heck does he rate in this picture? I was willing to share nicely with him my folks as I have for years.

  3. I'm glad your appt went well and that you passed the GTT! I hope your mom understands and can work something out.

    1. Mom decided my brother gets to be there next weekend. I'm not allowed as it might upset him. He is super sensitive. I haven't seen him in nearly 10 years and haven't lived with him since I was 18. Not sure what got his dander up.


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