Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Disappearing Act

Yesterday my household goods arrived.  Some of the things that I need the most are missing and not on the inventory.

For example I have my washer but the hoses are missing.

I have my china hutch but the glass shelves are missing.

J is missing his work bench.

Jamal from the moving company gave us a hard time yesterday.  The man is disrespectful and has a real attitude.  We ended up on the phone no less than five times yesterday and ended up having two screaming matches with him.

Jamal started complaining that he couldn't use our toilet.  First off the cat is in that room.  Secondly the water for the whole cul-de-sac had been turned off.  It wasn't turned back on until 1700 hrs.  He continued to complain about the fire hydrant being open and the rushing water noise making he want to pee more.  Dude just shut up.  I'm pregnant, I have a full bladder too and it isn't like I can just up and go off in a vehicle to go pee somewhere like you can as I have to be here to supervise.  This was the first full move J has done and needed to be guided. J didn't even know that I could request them to unpack our goods too.  I decided to decline because this crew were idiots and that is putting it politely.

The first screaming match was me telling Jamal to please stop talking.  He is worse than someone trying to sell you something over the phone and just won't shut up.  Finally I told him to leave the house I was going to call his boss and if he didn't leave I was going to fire him from the job.

They refused to open up the crates and put in place the furniture first to ensure that the boxes could be placed around them which would have prevented them from having to move the boxes three times or more to fit all the furniture into the house.  IDIOTS!

We ended up with the Quality Assurance personnel department for the installation sending out their representative named Nellie.  Nellie gave a few choice words to Jamal, Bryan and the other work man.  They weren't doing things right and scuffing up the walls and damaging our inventory.

Nellie hung around until 1500 hrs but had to leave after that.  She did tell me to keep an eye on Jamal as he has an attitude.  Well not long after she left Jamal started in again.  Come 1630 hours when it was evident that we are missing items and he refused to look for them I had had it.

Jamal had plunked his sweated, dirty body down at my dining room table on the nicely reupholstered chair and decided to do his paperwork there.  He didn't ask if he could sit down on the chairs making them grubby.  He had plenty of room at the kitchen counter to sign his paperwork.  The rest of us including the two other crew members were looking for the items.  I asked him if he was going to help look for the items. He gave me lip that he had to do his paperwork.  I told him he could do it at the counter.  He started in on my attitude.  I said we weren't going to sign off on the paperwork until we found the items or he surrendered the papers for missing items of which he refused to do when he should have for damage reports.

Finally he gets up off his lazy butt and starts to look at boxes complaining that it could be anywhere.  Really?!?  As if I didn't think of that.  Here I am 7 months pregnant and obviously I'm stupid to boot.

He started to get in my face and just wouldn't shut up again. As soon as I turned my back he'd start complaining about me again wanting him to basically do his job.  Yes, after they left we called up Nellie to file a complaint.  But first I'll tell you that Jamal accused me of cursing at him and raising my voice.  I said what cursing?  I didn't even say the word "crap" in his presence.  Then I said you haven't heard me raise my voice yet but if you don't stop talking you will.

Finally I had to scream at him to "Just get out of my HOUSE!  NOW!".  He wasn't looking for anything and he was causing more issues.  I explained to him several times throughout the day that I am a high risk pregnancy.  At one time I started in with contractions he had my blood pressure up so much.  I had to leave and chat with the gals in the neighborhood in order to calm down.

Back to the get out of my house. The nameless co-worker started pushing Jamal verbally and physically to leave the house while all the time Jamal was getting more verbal with me.  As soon as Jamal was out the door J got on the phone to Nellie and I locked the door.  The workers rang the bell but I refused to answer as our peep hole had been painted over and I wasn't sure it was them.  I had told Jamal on the way out the door that he can come back in if he apologizes for his behavior.

After I heard their truck leave I went outside to apologize to the neighbors.  The soldiers were there and wondering if I needed help when they heard me screaming to the workers to get out.  The soldiers also heard Jamal talking smack about me outside to his co workers.  Jamal is not professional.

Two hours later the moving company sent out a different man, a man who knows Jamal and he apologized for him and said he shouldn't have acted the way he did.  We signed the paper for the main inventory and were given the papers for the missing and damaged items along with papers for the damages they did to our housing unit.  The man they sent would have preferred if we had signed off on all the damages last night but when I brought out my camera and started showing him all the photos I took he said he'd leave the paper work with us to write it all down and pick it up in 75 days after he found out I would be doing all the unpacking because of J's long work hours.

This morning I was able to unpack two dish packs of bar ware and have still yet to find the glass shelves for my china hutch.  If they can't be found they'll have to be custom made and it will leave me with dish packs for months to come.  I hope they can be found because I'm now into crunch time and want to get the nursery cleared out of boxes and set up for Baby Hiccup.


  1. Wow what an awful experience! I am so sorry that you had to deal with that. It is just disgusting.

  2. WOW. Nightmare! I'm so sorry! I hope you find your shelves!

  3. How awful and unprofessional! I am so sorry you had to deal with that and it was so stressful, especially in your condition! I'm glad you had him leave and filed a complaint. Wow.

    I hope you can find the items :( Try to take it easy as you unpack and go through everything.

  4. Oh my gosh...what a terrible experience. I'm so very sorry that you had to deal with all of that. I've never heard of a mover being so unprofessional. He needs to be fired but of course he'll just move on and insult the next family. Don't over do yourself with unpacking. Make sure you take plenty of breaks. And I hope you find your stuff. That is so infuriating!

  5. OMG. What a nightmare to deal with. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. I hope you find everything.

  6. OMG that is AWFUL! I am so incredibly sorry. What a JERK!


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