Monday, September 29, 2014

Finally Found the Dress

Yesterday, after months of searching and I mean months as I started looking for a christening gown before Little E was even born, I found and purchased a one-of-a-kind gown.  Well it might not have been ooak back in its day but it is now.

The gown is Edwardian (1901-1910) making it over 100 years old.  It does need a bit of minor repair to one seam and the addition of buttons to the back but I've been sewing since I was 4 years old.  I can handle this simple repair.

Here are the photos of the dress:

With a 22 inch chest and an overall length of 33 inches it will fit Little E come Christmas easily.  Little E is already boasting a 17.5 inch chest.

Now to find shoes, a slip, and a onesie for the big day.  We already have the bonnet which was a gift from my MIL which she purchased while in Scotland.  The bonnet becomes a hankie she can carry on her wedding day.

Today while Little E was doing her floor time I grabbed my dino camera and took some pictures and video of her.  There is no sound to the video.


  1. I'm glad you found THE gown! She is so adorable :)

  2. It's beautiful! And she's going to look adorable in it!

  3. Really nice gown. Love the video, those jerky baby movements are so adorable! Brings back fond memories of B at that age. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love that you got an antique that has history. It's a wonderful idea and I know she will look perfect in it.


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