Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Two Month Check Up

Little E turned 9 weeks old yesterday.  We went to the pediatrician's office for her two month check up and vaccinations.

Weight is now 11 lbs 2 oz  55th percentile
Length is now 58 cm or 22.4 inches  50th percentile
Head is now 38 cm which puts it in the 41st percentile

Not too shabby for a growth restricted baby.

She had two shots in the left thigh and one in the right with an oral vaccine as well to boot.  I cried when they gave her the shots.  I mean I can give myself an injection but it is different watching the doctors inject your baby.  (I cry when they give Bugsy injections at the vet clinic too.  Hey he is also my baby. )  Poor baby girl had a nasty red swollen area on her left thigh last night of which J took it upon himself to massage for her.  She screamed until her baby tylenol kicked in.  We ended up giving her two doses over the night.  None of us got any sleep.

Today she is taking her bottle quite well but is still having quite a bit of spit up from the after effects of the shots.  Just when I thought I had the spit up under control too.  I'm sure she'll feel better in a few days.

Soon I'll have to pack up another box of baby clothing to donate to the Army hospital's social services department.  Some of the smaller cut, usually the Gerber body suits run small along with a few Carters, clothing will be getting put into the box each load of laundry this week.  It is now time to put the three month size clothing into her middle dresser drawer.

My system is simple.  Top drawer of her dresser is the socks, flannel wipe, spare changing pad cover, hats, tights, mittens and booties.  Middle drawer is the clothing she currently fits into.  Bottom drawer is the clothing she almost fits into but if needed in a hurry it is there to be worn; nightgowns and sleepers are usually what will get broken in first on those nights where I'm not about to do a third load of her laundry for a fresh sleeper in her current size.

Cloth diapering is going quite well.  Most days we go through about six diapers then switch off to paper at night to make the clean up job easier for Daddy.  For the next few days, since I was warned by the Peds doc, I'll be using paper diapers only until diarrhea watch is over.  I do have paper inserts for the cloth diapers but if you use cloth diapers you'll know quite well that firm is much easier to remove from cloth than watery poo.

The only real problem I've found with using cloth diapers thus far is that they take up way more room in the body suits than a paper diaper.  This means moving up a size in clothing quicker than I'd like to.

Last time traveling in her car seat with the insert behind her.  She is finally weighty enough to remove it J declared with pride.
He is such a cutie.  Photo taken just before bedtime.


  1. You could save some of her nice baby outfits to make a quilt I'm doing that with some baby clothes from my kiddos :)
    Glad she's doing well!!

  2. She sounds like she's doing great! Great job, mama. I cried at the 2 month appointment, too. I wasn't expecting that sort of cry from her. I mean, I've heard her scream and cry but the "shot" cry is much different and heart breaking. Glad she's growing well and healthy!

  3. Glad she's growing so well! We have the same issue with CDs - always wearing a size bigger of clothes :-)

  4. She is just adorable and so is bugs ya main coon?

  5. She's around the same size as my J :) It's amazing how quickly they grow. My goodness, she is soooo adorable!!! And Bugsy is precious too. The shots really are hard,.


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