Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Waiting in Limbo

Yesterday was the appointment with the doctor at Internal Medicine.  The doctor never examined me.  He had his briefcase on the exam table.  I sat in the chair nearest the table.

We did go over why I was there to see him.  Did he not get the computer memo?  Ugh.  So he said I need to get a PCM as the one listed in the computer is the one from JBLM.  Yeah, I knew that.  Apparently Tricare forgot to automatically assign me a new one when I moved, probably because I was pregnant.

Dr. L. put me in for a referral to see the nephrologist.   He ordered a CBC, thyroid, lipid panel, H1a1C test and something else requiring four vials of blood to be drawn.  The CBC was my request to see if the anemia is better now.

The reason for my rib pain is osteoarthritis.  Somehow I forgot I had it.  Yeah I remember now.  I forget easily and the doctor is going to have me checked by someone for that very memory issue since Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases run in my family.

He has told me that I need to request from my PCM a sleep study (my O2 stats dropped into the 80s every time while I was sleeping when I was in the hospital), a pulmonary specialist for my yearly asthma check up, and a new referral to see the neurologist as some how the referral I had disappeared from the system.

Dr. L. also told me I need to make another appointment with Dr. N at OB/GYN to follow up on the bladder issues I'm having and to find out when I'm cleared to drive and have sex again.  Dr. N. didn't clear me two weeks ago.  Just after seeing Dr.N. my bladder started its issue.  I didn't have that issue before or even while pregnant.

Yesterday I had my mammogram.  I'll find out those results next appointment with Dr. N.  Hoping that my pap results will also be in when I see him too.

Little E is doing well.  She still hates tummy time and bath time.  Both have become a screaming fest.  I feel so guilty when I hear her cry that I want to pick her up and cuddle her.  But how is she to get bathed or to strengthen her muscles if I keep picking her up?

It is hard to believe that she turned 8 weeks old yesterday.  I'm hoping that in a few weeks she will have out grown her colic.  We are up to 2 teaspoons of rice formula per 5 ounce bottle every 3.5 - 4.5 hours.

J heads back to work this coming Monday.  Sure now that his leave is almost at an end he is finally learning that I'm right and he needs to start now with setting a good male example for his daughter.  Ugh!  Last minute effort but I'm hoping he sticks to it.


  1. I never made baby K do tummy time and though she didn't roll over until she was nearly 6 months (4.5 months adjusted) she has still met every physical milestone within normal ranges. If your baby girl is screaming, you can pick her up and don't feel guilty about it.

    P.S. I only bathed her once weekly for much of her infancy (with top and tails in between) unless there were extenuating circumstances. She was still tidy and smelt divine anyway.

  2. I hope he sticks to it as well!

  3. When they lay on your chest is also considered tummy time. Dont worry about picking her up shes only 8 weeks old.

    I hope the colic eases up soon. My LO only liked baths with mommy or daddy. He would lie in our lap or between our legs and we would get in the big tub.

    Good luck!


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