Friday, September 12, 2014

Medical Report

Tuesday while I was at Winn ACH for Little E's pediatric appointment I stopped by the outpatient medical records room and requested my records for July when I was an inpatient.  It took a while but I now have my copy.  I can only request that period of time once without having to pay for the copies.  The reason why I wanted the copies is because of the oncology appointment next week.  I need to know what exactly they found inside of me.

Looking over all the lab tests and the procedures left me with questions that dr. google helped me figure out.  But now I have a few more questions, hopefully educated ones, to ask my doctor. I also have a gynecology follow up this week too.

1) Is it temporary for Large and Giant platelets to be found in my blood count?  If not does this mean something bad like what I've been reading?  Did I inherit something from my parents?   I know that both of them have clotting issues when they have surgery.

2) 900ml blood loss seems to be a lot to me.  Is there something I can do to prevent a bleed out of this proportion before my next surgery?

3) When comparing my most recent blood draw to that of when I was an inpatient do I fair better being on the iron pills?  With all those H and L's on my lab work from before does it look better now?  If not what can I do to make my blood healthier?  How long before I'm back to normal?

4) On the pathology report of my uterus it was noted that part of the corpus (uterus) wasn't well defined.  Is this the adenomyosis they suspected?

5)  On the night of 6 July I was admitted for induction and a  CBC was drawn.  There were L's and H's in my blood draw then.  Why wasn't I notified of the issues before I delivered baby girl on 8 July?

6) I was told that my endometriosis wouldn't continue to grow during my pregnancy.  I argued that it would several times without being taken seriously.  Now my left side of the pelvis is covered in adhesive film according to the operative report.  "The left ovary and tube were appreciated to be covered with filmy and dense adhesions attached to the left pelvic sidewall and poorly visualized.  The bilateral ureters were not visualized."

7) From the operative report I noticed that several things were clamped and cut and the bladder tucked back into place.  Is this the reason why I'm having more than a drop of urine issue now?  I never had bladder issues before, even when in my last weeks of pregnancy.

Now I only hope that I remember to ask all these questions when at my two doctor appointments next week.

If any has had any experience with Large and Giant platelets let me know what you think.  I'll be sure to ask at the appointments if I remember.


  1. Write them down and take them with you...I get flustered in the moment and would forget if I didn't do that.

  2. I hope the doctor can give you answers to all your questions!


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