Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Follow Up Gynecology Appointment

Dr. C. was really in a good mood today.  But then again I've yet to see him in a bad mood.  He is one of my all time favorite gynecologists.  Today I even learned something from him.

I learned that having the cervix removed is like getting sexually castrated.  I knew that the uterus was part of the sexual gratification but not the cervix.  How many times has a doctor told me and probably you too dear readers that the cervix has no nerve ending?  Well guess what?  It does so!

This means that I will be re-evaluating the surgery I'll be going through in January.  December is the next check up and since I don't have cervical cancer I'm going to request that the cervix be left in place.

I also found out that the endometriosis can also grow on the brain.  I knew about the lungs but I didn't know about the brain.

Good gravy that crap could be any where in my body!  Will I ever be without endometriosis pain?

As for the urinary incontinence issue; I'm being referred to a urologist.  Dr. C. is putting in the referral today.  He did a test on me today and it was mighty uncomfortable too. It involved a q-tip and my urethra...Dr.C. said I probably wouldn't feel a thing.  I told him yeah right.  Oh and it hurt like heck too.  Still hurts as in burns when I pee now.  But all looked good.  The main issue is that some nerves were probably severed when the uterus was removed causing me to lose urine whenever I squat down.  No amount of Kegel exercises will fix that he said.  I will be having to wear a pad for life.  Fun times.  So I asked if I could get something for my "diaper rash".  He prescribed me nystatin cream.  I asked, being the smart alec that I am, if it would turn my butt purple.  I've made worse comments to doctors before.  One time when being prescribed steroids I asked my doctor if it would give me a little penis.  Yes I'm that bad.  I have to keep good humor when dealing with possibly bad news.

My little chunker


  1. Haha i love what you said to the doctor. That's awesome.

  2. Ya....I've been told the cervix has no nerve endings many times! Yet, exams always hurt me and cervical clamps? Feel like I'm not sold on that at all.

    Glad to hear you're getting this stuff looked at, but it sucks that it can't just be easy for you.

  3. Here from LFCA. Your "little chunker" is adorable! Read several posts and About Me. Wow. Love your feisty spirit! Keep on Keepin' on! I will be back to read more. Sending you ((hugs)).

  4. Here from ICLW - that's interesting to know about the cervix! I'm glad you are taking everything into consideration and working with your doctor. But I'm so sorry you have to go through this in the first place. You have an incredible story and I look forward to following more of your posts!

  5. Here from ICLW - so sorry to read of everything you have had to go through! And yes I do find anything cervix-ish extremely painful, so I think we can safely say there are nerve endings there.
    Keep going with your wonderful humour! It can be the only thing to keep us going sometimes!


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