Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Packing Up Clothing

Today while Little E was in her Mamaroo I was packing up her 0-3 month size clothing.  I swear the past three months has been a blur.

Little E turned 11 weeks old today.  Next week she'll be 12 weeks or 3 months if you do the calculations.  But I won't be saying to everyone she is three months old until the 8th of October.

It looks like J won't be having to leave after all.  Those budget cuts are on my side this time.  Now if only he could get a huge pay raise so I could afford a maid and a nanny.  I'd like to get a night's sleep.

Little E is now preferring my company to that of her dad's.  I guess that is a good thing but it makes J feel like crap.  He'll just have to do more with her than fall asleep with her in his lap.  I play with her on the floor.  I take her for walks.  I read a loud to her.  Oh and I feed and change her and do her laundry but I doubt she notices the laundry part.

Tonight J was feeding Little E and he kept on feeding her without a burp break.  He is trying to rush through her feedings so that he doesn't fall asleep.  So yeah she paid him back.  She blew dinner all over him and the carpet.  He yelled for help.  Yes he is a bit dramatic.  He acted like her milk spew was toxic waste.  Just two weeks ago she spit up, more like barfed there was so much of it, down my v-neck shirt.  I just tucked a flannel wipe in the boob area and kept taking care of her.  When she was settled down again I took care of me.  I tell Little E that I'm washable so she isn't too feel bad when she can't control her spitting up.

I turned on sesame street today.  What happened to that show?  Scary how some of the characters are now cgi.  Flying trolls!

Well my brain is melting.  I have a GYN appointment tomorrow morning.  Hoping I get some answers as to the bladder issue.

Oh and tomorrow is my 9th wedding anniversary.  Where the heck has time gone?


  1. LOL yelled for help for spit up? Too funny! My husband had a bad habit of falling asleep while feeding the baby too, I don't get it.

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. ICLW- they always pic a favorite. My kids all decided it was their dad around 6 months and then swapped back to me at a year. She'll go back to him eventually.


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