Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CD 3 and 3rd day of photos

What's for dinner?  Well it surely isn't this stuff.  Tonight I'm making Shepard's Pie since J is still on a soft food diet.  Photo taken inside the museum on Fort Stevens.  We decided to go back to Fort Stevens the last day to look around since when we arrived in Astoria area the museum was getting ready to close.

Can you even imagine eating this stuff for your meal?  MRE aren't all that tasty and I can only think that this stuff from WW II must have been horrible to choke down.

I just thought that the GI Joe dolls action figures dressed up were kind of cool.  One museum guide said that in a particular display all the items were from Japan and made there too.  I made a comment that she didn't understand.  I said, "I bet the dolls were made in China.". 

Rather obvious that this was the Guard House located on Fort Steven's  state park.

Okay now for today's fertility update.  First day of the clomid.  My RE had agreed to 1/2 tablet a day to prevent cysts but the directions say 1 tablet a day for the five days I take it.  Fun times ahead with cysts, though I really hope not. 
As for the supplements I'm taking, its the usual prenatals, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, D3, fish oil and now to add to the mix Melatonin.  I saw it on another blogger's page and I figured what the heck I could use a better night's sleep with this fibromyalgia.  Even though I'm not doing IVF this cycle I figured it couldn't hurt to try to up my egg quality since they are pretty much shit now due to the endometriosis and my age.

That's all until tomorrow.  Oh and to make the shepard's pie extra pretty I'm using purple potatoes.


  1. Just know I'm thinking about you. Wish I could read here more often. Sending hugs.

    PS. I've never used purple potatoes. How do they taste? We're Yukon Gold people.

    1. Purple potatoes taste pretty much the same as any other potato. I bought red skins, yukon gold, and purple ones last year for J to try the difference. I just like the color and the antioxidants in the purple ones.

  2. Love shepard's pie. I have never made it myself coz my Mom makes a good I just go over for dinner!

    I cannot imagine eating that stuff -- god bless the troops who do that, really!

    Good luck with the cycle and it never hurts to take supplements.

    1. I have no clue how the troops at those meals. I guess if you are hungry enough you'll eat it.

      Thanks. I've been taking supplements for years.

      The shepard's pie was really yummy.

  3. I hope you don't get any cysts! Purple shepard's pie sounds cool!

    1. J loved it and so did I. I hope I don't get any cysts either.


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