Saturday, March 31, 2012


The nightmares continue.  I'm hoping that soon they'll stop. 

Last night's bad dream gave me an idea.  Yes, sometimes a good thing can happen from something bad.  "In order to create one must first destroy."  So since the bad dream was about J's cartography hobby, no he doesn't have one it was a dream, being destroyed by people that said he was wasting his time, I came up with an idea.

J could always use more hobbies besides making chain maille ren gear and jewelry, reloading ammunition, and collecting axes.  I had an idea that since he likes maps so much and took classes in college on surveying and drafting that perhaps he could start designing kids treasure maps.

Why a treasure map?  Well we have a Geo-caching that we never use.  It was a thoughtful gift from his mom but with the weather being so wet when he gets time off we've never been able to get out there.    I thought out loud, "well why don't you read up on the Geo-caching J and find out how to make treasure maps for kids?".  He is giving it some interest.  We know of two red haired boys that would probably flip over a treasure map or two.  Maybe it will give J something to do while his back is healing.

Oh and he re-injured his back the other day when they were having him move vast amounts of boxes that weren't exactly light weight.  He has to do as they command since his profile expired.  Monday he is going to get his back looked at again.  I'm hoping its not too serious.  I can only imagine the pain he must be in.  I'm used to being in pain so I ignore most of it.  But when its acute pain and you aren't in daily chronic pain its always worse.


  1. I love this idea!! And I'm sure any child, be they 10 or 50+, would love it too. Hoping the nightmares go away very soon.

    1. Thanks Cristy. Hope all will be will with your soon.

  2. The treasure maps are a neat idea. Feel better,
    J! Thinking of you both.

    1. Thanks. I told him what you said.


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