Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pain Update

I'm tired.  The pain is draining the energy from me.

I promised J and S that if its worse come Monday I'll call my doctor and let them know.

Its funny though it doesn't hurt where the incisions are located.  No, it hurts where the uterus is and on the lower right below the ovary incision site.

When I sit down and take a breath to clear my throat or yawn it feels like something is pushing itself out like a balloon inflating and pushing through a muscle.  Odd I know.  But that is isolated to just the spot below the right ovary incision site.

To the right of the uterus, almost on top of it there is pain.  When I touch the area getting dressed its quite painful.  I wonder if that is where the adhesion was on the uterus.  I know they told my spouse that the adhesion was on the top of my uterus.

If the pain gets worse I'll go to the ER.  It only makes me a little nauseated.  I still have troubles when bending to the right and even right now on the right side while sitting here it feels like something is trying to bulge out on the right.  Sometimes, though I know I'm not pregnant, it feels a bit like a baby kicking hard.  Hard to explain.

If anyone has felt anything like this let me know.

The percocet with benadryl is making it difficult for me to concentrate on anything more strenuous than a graphic novel.  Yes, even reading the Grimms' fairy tales are difficult right now.  I hate brain fog.


  1. It's so frustrating that there's nothing they can do to help you. I understand that surgery should be avoided if possible, but this is getting ridiculous. Ma you find some relief soon.

    1. I hope I find relief too. But I did find that wearing tight pants helps hold the bulging while deep breathing area in. At this point with a 6 pound weight gain from surgery tight pants are easy to find.

  2. Thinking of you lady and hoping that the pain eases soon and that those sensations you are feeling are nothing too serious. Please take care of yourself and rest up, I know that's all you have been doing! But try to lay low for just a little bit longer so you can heal!

    1. From what I learned today the pain is fairly normal given that I had adhesion binding my uterus to my bladder. So okay, yeah that is why it hurts right there!


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