Friday, June 1, 2012

Poke, Prod, Pain

So I got up early this morning and gave myself the shot of Ganirelix.  Two more days of that shot.  I didn't eat.  I wasn't allowed to eat. 

Next off to the lab for the blood draw.  I wore a black t-shirt I bought in Forks, WA.  Its a happy face with vampire teeth.  Yes, the lab techs loved it!

Off to ultrasound for an abdominal ultrasound.  I'll find out what my asinine PCM has to say about the results. Marla, a really nice ultrasound tech, told me my gall bladder and pancreas were fine. She took a look at the area of pain on the left where the kidney sits and told me I need to follow up with the PCM.  That is where she wouldn't tell me what is wrong.  I asked her what is over there and she said spleen and left kidney.  Okay now what the hell is wrong with me?  I swear if its not one thing its another.  I need more chewing gum and glue to hole me together because the duct tape is obviously peeling off.

Finally my appointment time for REI arrives.  I get in there and get stuck with Nurse J.  Lt.Col. B. is out of town for the day so I'm stuck with none to gentle with the probe Dr. B.  (he is a major).

E2 is down from 500 to the 160's he said.  He won't give me exact numbers on anything nor show me the screen.  He printed out the picture of the cyst and I demanded to see it.  I saw the numbers.  Its not shrinking.  But the good news is that the E2 is down. So the shots are sort of working.

Dr. B. said another 2-3 weeks of bed rest.  Ugh!

He also said that it could still twist at that size or even grow more and I'm to go to the ER if I'm in bad pain.

He also informed me and my spouse if it doesn't start to shrink soon that they are going to have to go in and surgically remove the cyst.  Oh and he didn't think that Monday's follow up plan with Lt.Col.B. was necessary.  I beg to differ.  I told him I was keeping that appointment as I was told it was necessary.

Dr.B. is on my crap list today.  He didn't have to hurt me with the probe. 

Oh on June 6th I'll be running a contest to give away a prize.  Look for the post on that day and sign up for a chance to win.


  1. I just wish that you could have surgery now and get this behind you. I know that surgery shouldnt always be the first choice but you have been suffering with this cyst for a while now. I am thinking of you. Go away cyst!

  2. hope you feel better soon

  3. I know surgery will be difficult, but you could get it out and start healing with less pain. I hope something works soon.

  4. I agree with the posts above. Surgery may be better than this lingering on-going pain and bedrest. I hope you get some reslution soon, sorry you are in pain :-(

  5. Yeah, I'd keep that appointment too. WTH? 2-3 weeks more of bedrest is nuts :( I really hope this goes down SOON. Thinking of you girlie.


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