Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reading My Life Away

I started reading Cannery Row by John Steinbeck last night.  Being on sloth rest means that I'm quickly depleting my stores of books.  But that is okay too because it means two things: 1) I'm allowed to go buy more books and 2) I'm learning more as I read.

On the 6th of June I'll be hosting a book giveaway.  Don't forget to comment on that day's blog post for a chance to win the book I'll be giving away.

Yes, I'm still in a great deal of pain.  I'm trying to go without pain killers for as long as possible today.  I'll probably end up taking one soon as every little move I make sends pain through my pelvis and into my thighs.  I'm hoping for some good news tomorrow at the ultrasound.


  1. Have you read East of Eden? Love that book. Let me know how Cannery Row is.

    Good luck tomorrow. Take the painkillers before it gets too bad, ok?

    1. Yes I read East of Eden when I was a kid. I loved it too. Cannery Row is quite humorous and a tad sad too. I'm almost finished reading it.

      Oh and I didn't get to see the doctor I was supposed to see. Ugh!

  2. Thinking of you friend and really really hoping the doc can do something for you soon, even if it's surgery! xx

    1. I'm just so annoyed with the doctor I got to see today.

  3. I *try* to post my current reading every Friday and share it in our group with a Fidayreads tag. (the last couple of weeks I've kept track for crap... I can't tell you what I had for the last (full) meal before breakfast. I know I ate something other than a couple of croissants yesterday, but I have no clue what it was)

    Anyway -- I'd posted a week and a half worth of reading, most of which was pretty light and several of which were related. I got a comment from one of the guys wanting to know where I got the time to read so prolifically. At this point, reading/reviewing books *is* my job. I'm getting more capable of small things around the house, but I overdo before realizing it and then it lays me out for a couple of days.

    I no longer ride, I can't work out in the yard much (the grass in, ummm... working on knee high...), I couldn't meaningfully participate in the squeee bathroom project, I can't carry a camera - except my wee compact, and so on.

    That pretty much makes reading and writing, and interacting in a couple on online support communities the only regular job I have. My reading is getting MUCH more fluent, but I'm still slower than I used to be by orders of magnitude. Hubby outreads me by 5 or 6 to 1. Active circulation of books is good! (free books are even better)

    ...goes off to check LibraryThing :-)


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