Friday, June 29, 2012

Washington Sunshine

Well its grey again today.  I've been told this is the normal Washington Sunshine. 

Its cold too.

Ya know I've been here almost four years, September marks that anniversary, and I'm still not adjusted to the weather patterns.

I do love the fact that while the rest of the US is broiling I'm cool here but I don't like thinking that its almost July and I'm still wanting to reach for a long sleeved heavy sweater or light winter coat before I go outside.  Heck even indoor the temp is only registering a  cool  66 F right now.  "Sun so hot I froze to death, Susanna don't you cry for me!".

Plans for this weekend are going to vary depending on the weather conditions.
  1. train ride near Mt. Rainier
  2. picnic on the beach
  3. shopping for groceries
Please let it be a bit sunny for even one day!!!  I can get groceries any time but I'd rather have a bit of sunshine this weekend.


  1. What a cute picture -- that kitten looks so relaxed! TGIF - hope you get some sunshine.

    Its 100+ degrees here...wish I could mail you 10-20 degrees ;-)

  2. No, it's not fun to have to bundle up in the summer, but yeah, we are def. frying here!!!

  3. I am so happy to see you guys are taking you time together! Enjoy my friend


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