Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Little Frustrated

Short post before I head out to see my PCM for the radiology results for the upper abdominal pain which is going to be most likely written off as nothing.

I've been with the Army as a wife, with two marriages, for 17 out of the past 21 years.  Its still pretty much the same as it was 21 years ago.  There are still those good units that you never actually see but someone invariably finds, just not you, and they love to brag about how good life is in that unit.  There are always those horrible units out there too.  I'm some where in the middle. 

Rear D is where my husband currently sits with his back problem and hernia.  He can't deployed and he wanted to deploy because lets face it, no one likes to get stuck on Rear D.   Rear D is akin to being left out of the fun and games for a person that is trained to do the main task, the meat of the project.  J wants to go and be with his unit.

So life is a bit of hell here.  As you'll notice from my blogging of late, I'm on bed rest.  But one would think that since J's chain of command is well aware of this they would offer him leave time, a few personal days or what not.  I guess Rear D is so darn important now that he is having to take on extra duty.

Yes, we all know why he is being given the shit end of the stick.  I refused to let his SSG push J around and violate the command of a superior officer.  So since then he has had to pull guard duty after work one day, now he has to take a food handler course tonight after work and he was volunteered by his chain of command to work detail on the Fourth Of July at the festivities on post.  Oh wait how can that be possible since I'll still be on bed rest until 6 July you ask?  Well remember the Army can do what ever they want to my spouse to make his life hell and in turn mine as well.  Rear D assignments are extra important I guess?

Yes, I'm grouchy.  So if I tear open the incisions doing laundry I have no one to blame but myself for wanting clean clothing?  If I pass out from hunger because I have no one to help with the cooking or run to the grocery store to get food since 1) I'm not allowed to drive and 2) I won't have a car at my general use, I'm to blame because I don't have a Family Care Plan.

We were told before each of J's upcoming deployments that because we didn't have children he didn't need a Family Care Plan.  Besides my parents are on the East coast and my dad is blind, almost deaf, has a heart condition and his kidneys some times need dialysis.  Is my Mom supposed to jump ship and care for me?  No.  Its bloody fricken Rear D!  He isn't deployed let him spend some time with his spouse!!!

Okay rant done for now.  I'm at the one week point in recovery.  It still hurts to sit up for too long.  But I have a doctor appointment today and I must bite the bullet and survive a car ride to the MTF.

Please forgive my ranting and raving.  Remember I'm in pain.


  1. Wow. Just wow. I'm so sorry.

    1. It gets even better Cristy. A SGM (sgt.major not an officer) is coming by where J works and the reason why his command is so pissy is because J wasn't there for two days to mow the lawn there. So now they are trying to chapter him out because I'm a liability. Basically they told him he needs to get rid of me if he is to stay in the Army! Oh I'm pissed.

  2. That's awful. You really don't need this stress while you are healing. Do you have any other army wife friends who can help with groceries or something?

    1. Not that isn't busy with their own Army issues.

  3. Wow, and especially after I read your reply to Cristy, that is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I am so sorry, that is so unethical. Mind you, with some of my family going career in the military I am well aware of how unethical they can be, but that is total shit. Pardon my language. What jerks. You do not need to deal with that right now on top of everything else. Sorry girl.

  4. I cannot believe that in the Army there are these types of issues too regarding health care. You do not need this right now at all. I wish I lived closer so I could come help. *hugs* from afar


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