Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sorting The MREs

Well its that time of year again.  Seems like in July-Sept. area each year I have to go through the left over parts of the MREs.  Its rather fun to sort them as I like to be organized.

First I check out the back of the SUV.  I'm always finding left over pieces of MREs in the vehicle.

Next I check J's bags for full meals and more left over parts.  Never know what you are going to find that has expired or has been punctured.  Just found a powdered drink beverage with a hole in it.  Not a tear where he tried to open it but a puncture where it was leaking powder all over.

Finally I check his in-house storage areas.

When I've think I've found all the parts and full kits I always find he has some other squirrel's nest of food. 

Today I pulled three empty boxes out of the garage and started to sort out the parts.  J likes to keep the accessory packs and I totally get that because hey you never know when you'll not have toilet paper out in the field or matches.  Into one box goes the accessory parts and spoons.  Second box is the drink pouches.  Third box holds the sauce, cheese spread, jams, crackers, and snack pouches.  The heaters and drink bag sleeves go into a zip lock bag.

Oh I did find one cool thing out about MRE's.  I lose weight when I eat them.  Mind you after my birthday next week, and all the cake is eaten, I plan on going back on the Endo diet.  Since I got lazy, nursing J can be a full time job and who has time to cook for oneself when the opportunity for a shower is there (new mom's will understand this concept), I grab an MRE and eat off of it for the day.  So far 3 pounds off in 3 days.  YAY!  I'm sure its some sort of fluke because I know quite well that the MREs are full of sodium and high calories.  But I'll enjoy the weight loss now.

J is recovering nicely.  His pain level has dropped enough now that he isn't using his percocet.  Tough Love was what his surgeon ordered and its what he is getting too.  I'll help him out but we know that I have enough medical issues to deal with on my own including the 6 cm ovarian cyst to add to the pain.  J is up and taking care of himself more each day so I'm now finding time to post a blog post while he is actually awake.


  1. One of my favorite MRE moments was when my stepson found some leftover crackers R had stashed in the kitchen. He then proceeded to try to eat the whole package of crackers in under a minute. Epic fail but we all about died laughing. Good times.

  2. Glad he is recovering nicely. MREs sound interesting. Yay for a quick easy meal.

    1. Yay for losing weight while eating them!

  3. I remember having these when i was little a friend of my mums was in the army she would bring them to us, pretty neat.

    1. The meals have gotten quite flavorful since I first had one 20 years ago.


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