Saturday, July 28, 2012

More About The RE Visit Yesterday

After I got home from the RE appointment yesterday I had some cake and got sick.  I think perhaps I had a bit too much sugar as I was the only one that got sick.  Oh and I stayed sick all day and night.  I didn't go out for dinner.  Today's plans for the Highland Games were cancelled. But that is okay because my bestie and her family, and my cousins had to cancel too.  No fun going with just my spouse as for clan gatherings we like to huddle together under the tent marked with our clan name.

Back to the rest of the RE update.  First off I forgot to mark the weight loss on the blog yesterday.  I've lost 6 pounds since my last weigh in on the 17th.  Nothing to sneeze at since it was only 10 days I lost that in.  I'm far from starving myself.  I am confusing the hell out of my stomach by varying the caloric intake vastly every three days and its actually working.  For about three days I take in about 2500-3000 calories then drop back to 1200-1500 calories for three days.  I lose weight with either amount of calories I take in and have proven it to be so already.  Maybe I found something that will finally work for me?

After the post yesterday the blood work results were in.  My Estridol level was about 150 if I recall clearly.  I forgot to write it down.  But still its down considerably since the first measurement on the 17th.  The HCG beta, of course, was negative.  I started the Provera right away.  I'm now on day 2 of that drug.

The uterine lining was 2 mm less than the 17th.  Funny, but I didn't bleed.  The RE said it can vary daily without a bleed.  I didn't know that particular bit of information.  It is now measuring 10 mm.

Lt.Col. B. was informed, by me, that my TENS Unit died.  I think its the battery.  My work comp insurance supplied it to me for an injury sustained at work in NY back in 2006.  Now that I'm out-of-state no one wants to deal with NY state work comp insurance claims here in WA.  I guess they want their money right off and NY likes lots of red tape.  So the likelihood of me getting a new battery or the machine fixed through work comp without having seen a doctor for the injuries, other than an Army doctors of which refuse to testify or supply medical records for work comp cases though they will treat me for the problem, is close to zero.  However, the TENS Unit is for pain control and often used for those that suffer from adenomyosis and endometriosis besides the other reasons why its prescribed for like torn muscles.  With all that said, Lt.Col. B. is putting in a referral for me to the Pain Management Clinic here at Madigan.  YAY!  I might just finally get some help.  My PCM is an idiot, good bedside manner, but alas an idiot that refuses to refer me to anyone other than the initial appointment to GI but that was already in the computer from years ago, before he was my PCM, so he had to let me get re-referred to them.

Okay enough blathering.  To cut to the chase, I'm going to get my pain taken care of at last!  Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Next week Friday I should be able to call for an appointment with the Pain Management Clinic.  It still might take a while to get the appointment but I'll be on the list to be seen.  Its a start.

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  1. Sorry for you getting sick. That's great about the pain management referral. And awesome about the weight loss!


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