Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holding On

CD 75.  Yup still going.

Since the first of July I've lost 3.4 pounds.  Not too bad I think.  Its coming off and I hope it stays off this time.  I have 13 pounds to go and I'll be my pre-IVF #2 weight.  Most of the weight gain was from inactivity and the clomid rather than the IVF though I did gain a few pounds from that too.

Right now I'm trying to hold onto my sanity as I plough through a new diet routine.  This whole endo diet is really going to test my will power.  I love to bake but going without chocolate is going to kill me.  Luckily I can still have unsweetened cocoa; I think.  I'm going to ease into it.  Last night I did have a small bag of M&M's.  Hey I deserved it and I still lost .8 pound overnight.  Yeah, yeah I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself daily but I do to make sure I'm not bloating from too much sodium intake.  High blood pressure fun times.

Here is the link to the diet I'm trying to follow: http://www.endo-resolved.com/diet.html

Here is what I'm not allowed to eat:
  • wheat - this includes breads, cakes and pasta products, all based on wheat - contains phytic acid which can aggravate symptoms of endometriosis. Also contains gluten which women with endometriosis seem to be sensitive to.
  • red meats - promotes negative prostaglandins which cause inflammation and can also contain growth hormones
  • refined and concentrated carbohydrates - white bread, flour, cakes, pasta etc. made from refined flours. Most of the nutritional value has been removed
  • refined sugars and honey - causes inflammatory reaction
  • caffeine - found in tea, coffee, soft drinks -increases abdominal cramps and caffeine increases estrogen levels
  • chocolate - as it contains sugar which is inflammatory
  • dairy produce - including milk, cheese, butter, cream - causes inflammatory reaction as they increase the inflammatory prostaglandins

  • eggs - advised to leave out eggs unless you get organic as they can contain the chemical residue of dioxin. Can also cause digestive problems for some like IBS, and may increase constipation problems (they are used as a binder in cooking!)
  • fried foods - can stimulate negative prostaglandins
  • saturated fats and oils – Foods that are high in fatty acids stimulate the negative inflammatory prostaglandins. Fatty acids are found in saturated fats, butter, margarine, lard.
  • soy products and soy protein products - (check link below to read an in-depth explanation why soy should be left out of your diet)- tamari can be used in small amounts
  • convenience foods - they contain a host of additives, cheap ingredients and have very little nutritional value
  • tinned foods - use sparingly. Certain exceptions are fine like tinned tomatoes, coconut milk and those foods that are part of ingredients when cooking a nutritious meal
  • additives and preservatives - increase chemical load on the system
  • alcohol - consumes vitamin B which is stored in the liver. Good liver function is vital as the liver will help to eliminate excess estrogen from the body.
* An article on Endometriosis pain and the wheat connection can be read here

* A comprehensive explanation why you need to exclude most soy foods from your diet

* Cacium intake - Find out what you can eat to maintain your calcium levels while on the endometriosis diet

* Protein intake - if you are concerned you may not obtain sufficient protein on the endometriosis diet see the list of protein alternatives to meat

* Find out why it is advisable to leave honey out of the diet for endometriosis

It might sound as if I have nothing left to eat but I do.  I love eating nuts, fruits and veggies.  I can consume Non GMO poultry and seafood. 

My mother is going to purchase for me the recipe book, for my upcoming birthday this month, from this website so that I have some recipes to follow instead of hunting down on line possible meals plan recipes.  Not that I mind researching as I'm a self-admitted research junkie but sometimes its just nice to unplug and unwind with a book in hand.

Now if anyone has any recipes that they would like to share with me I'd be glad to have them.  Please email me at the addy in my blog profile.  Thanks.


  1. Wow, this is impressive! I bet after a few weeks you won't even want the other stuff.

    Good luck to you and congrats on the weight loss so far!

    1. I'm going to need all the luck I can get. Now if only this would improve my egg quality I'd be all set. Wish there was a diet for that too!

  2. CD 75 is insane! I always thought I would be in serious trouble if I had to cut out the list of food above. I do like veggies and fruits, but man I love my red meat and hard boiled eggs!

    1. I loved egg salad sandwiches. No more for me.

  3. Wow that is seriously long list. I am surprised with honey being on the list....I need to research that since I have honey on my oatmeal in the mornings and thought it was better than sugar :-(
    Thanks for sharing. Yuck about CD75!

    1. Certified organic honey should be okay.

  4. Wow, that leaves me nothing!! Haha! Good luck to you Rebecca, you are a strong and determined lady and I know you can do this new diet! I really really hope it helps! Keep us updated on how it goes for you! Oh and CD 75???? Can you not take something to get the next cycle started? Thinking of you friend!

    1. I asked last month about getting it going with something and Lt.Col. B. said to wait until it is 2 weeks past the surgery month mark. Okay so I've one more week to hope AF shows up or else she is getting a chemical kick start.

  5. Good job with your diet! I hope it is making you feel better overall.


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