Friday, July 13, 2012

Stupidity Knows No Bounds

I'm stating again that I do love being an Army Wife.  I love what our military does to ensure that my freedoms are protected.  However, there are some things that they try to do that verges on the line of ultimate stupidity.

Case in point:  Trying to med board a soldier without proper documentation to back up said med boarding. 

Many of you may recall that my husband has been on profile, but only for almost three months.  In order to med board a soldier they have to be on continuous profile for 12 months.  So stated and noted.  That being stated in a meeting today, my spouse was a bit miffed after that meeting, he went over to the hospital to get documented proof that he was only on profile for a short period of time.  However, his doctor was on vacation.  Luckily my spouse is smart enough to keep copies of all his documents at my request.

All I can say is SGM and SSG you can suck it if you intend to try to send my soldier to the med board.  We have documented proof that he has only been on profile for one period of time and it does not come any where close to the 12 month mark!

It is because of deep budget cuts to the military that our NCOs are trying to kick out valuable assets like my highly trained soldier.  They have denied him the board for promotion, told him to wait until it was too late to apply for OCS, and given him extra duty upon extra duty to make up time lost from other soldiers being out for injuries and vacations.  My soldier hasn't taken a vacation day since January when he took two days of his own vacation time to make sure my IVF transfer went well.

He is scheduled for surgery early next week.  The SGM and SSG have done everything within their power to violate his lifting profile by basically forcing him, upon penalty if he doesn't follow the order, to do what they say.  Mind you its Rear D folks not a war zone.

Oh and I have to add this is the same SGM and SSG that didn't want to allow my spouse the time off required for my after surgery care of the alloted 24 hours as per the Lt.Col and Maj. giving those direct orders to my spouse.  Someone has a god complex.

If this continues I'm going to urge my spouse to go to IG; especially if they try to bar him from re-enlistment.

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