Wednesday, July 25, 2012


J had his 1 week follow up today and the doctor had only good things to say about his recovery.  I did the best I could by him but we all know that he likes to be babied, he is a man after all.  (yes I realize that not all men are like that but the majority of the ones I've know are indeed wanting extra special treatment for every cold, boo-boo, or chore)

J was worried, didn't listen to me telling him that he is quite normal, and feared the worst because his incision sites still hurt.  Yes, that is okay too.  Now that the pretty female doctor told him he can now lift 25 pounds but still not push or pull things for another two weeks he is set.  This means he can help me out around here but no vacuuming as of yet.  I'll do it slowly maybe a room each day.

J stressed out yesterday, acted like a jerk too, in anticipation of his appointment today.  If only he had listened to me.  Really I swear that we never listen to those close to us.  Maybe I should have had my friend S talk to him as she went through surgery in January.   His behaviour really is quite typical considering he has been blessed with good health for many years so that he doesn't quite know what to expect and the fear the unknown eats at him as it can with anyone.

Today I got copies of my surgical report from the records room.  I found out a few things when reading it through today.  First they have me listed as hispanic.  Okay that is new to me. I know I'm a mutt but as far as I've been told I have no Spanish or Hispanic blood in me....maybe a drop of Portuguese because of the black Irish but not Hispanic.  Second, I have a fibroid on my uterus.  I think the doctors neglected to tell me this tidbit.  Because its less than 1cm as of June 6th they didn't remove it.  From notes: Small (less than 1 cm) subserosal fibroid on the anterior wall of the uterus not excised.  Last I found out through the notes that I had three surgeons working on me.  Dr. P., Dr. B. and Lt.Col. B scrubbed in as well.  Nice to know I was in such good hands.

Oh heck I'll just share their findings with you all. 

Operative findings:  Normal uterus/cervix.  Left adnexa notable for approximate 7 cm cyst.  Cyst wall interrupted upon initial manipulation, and clear fluid evacuated with suction and irrigation.  Cyst wall removed.  Small left ovarian endometrioma also noted.  Adhesions noted between the left ovary to the left sidewall and pericolic adipose as well as in the posterior cul-de-sac.  Implants of endometriosis on the right uterosacral ligament and bladder were present.  Small (less than 1 cm) subserosal fibroid on the anterior wall of the uterus not excised.

Oh and further on they in the description of how they did stuff I find that they used Endoshears to remove a section of the peritoneum for biopsy.  All is good there no cancer.  YAY!

Some how included in the surgical report was a copy of my appointment last week with the RE.  I don't mind having it as now I know the full dimensions of the cyst on my right ovary.    My newest play toy is 6.32 cm x 5.07 cm with an EMS of 12mm ( I believe they are talking about the endometrial stripe there but I could be wrong though it was the same number they gave me when I asked about the lining thickness at the appointment)

So with my smallish sized tennis ball perhaps I should get a puppy and we could play fetch.  When the dog loses the tennis ball I could, or though it seems, provide an endless supply of them since I'm so good at growing them even without the use of hormones!  HaHa!

In two day or so I'll blog with photos, I hope, of the birthday cake I had made by the commissary bakery.  I just didn't feel up to making a cake this year for myself.  My endo diet book arrived yesterday,  thanks mom for the birthday gift, and I'll be starting up the real diet when the cake is gone from the house. 

Two days til the next RE appointment.


  1. Yay! You got J through his first surgery and recovery. You are awesome wife. Now if you can just get the damn cysts under control, jeez. I hate that this problem has been with you for months now and everytime one ruptures, there is another one to take it's place.

    Did I miss your birthday? It looks that way, ugh. Happy late birthday Rebecca!

    1. No, you didn't miss my birthday...two more days til that occurs. I'm sure you'll see me mention it on fb. Wait until you see the cake I had made...I'm really hoping it turns out the way I wanted. Last year I had them make me a Tardis cake.

  2. Rebecca, awesome about the Tardis cake ;) My husband got me one of those for my 26th birthday, it was epic lol! I can't wait to see what you got this year.

    Sorry about the issues and J being such a baby. I really do get it though, when A is sick he thinks he's dying... and I know it's just because he's hardly ever sick and he's had nowhere near the health issues/surgeries that I have. Doctors scare the crap out of him. Hang in there with that!


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