Thursday, October 17, 2013

Amazon Stalker

Wow, I'm just so amazed that one not so favorable feedback I left for an accessory could make someone go so crazy.  Hmmm...maybe this is why I don't shop very much or often.

Recently I won a home pride contest and the prize I chose was a Galaxy Tab 2.  Cool little thing, convenient too.  But I need things for it.  One of which was a card reader.  Easiest place to go would be Amazon I thought.  Never had a problem with any of the sellers until now.

The seller didn't like my feedback.
The seller called me four times.
The seller has emailed me at least six times.

The last email the seller said that since I'm in the USA that next year she is going to meet with me.  Um, no thanks.

I have contacted Amazon four times now about this seller and they said they will take care of it.  This last time I spoke with a nice lady on the phone and I tried hard to joke about this while I read aloud the numerous emails from seller so that they understood how serious this issue is.  Hopefully the seller will stop bothering me.

I've asked the seller to stop calling me.  I've emailed the seller twice telling her that I won't change my feedback.  Amazon has policy that they cited to me that says a seller cannot ask you to change your feedback because it is a violation of their whatever it is which could cause the seller to have their account shut down.

I realize we all need to earn a living.  I have crafting shop.  I know how much negative feedback can ruin someone's day but to call me long distance from Hong Kong four times is just nuts!  The product cost only $5.99!

The seller just needs to let it go already.


  1. Yikes! That is insane! Hopefully Amazon takes care of it, they're usually pretty quick at handling issues I think. Sorry you're dealing with that that though, yuck.

  2. the seller is going way to far over this feedback. You can't pick and choose feedback! I'm shocked that they would even try to contact you and harass you regarding this. Your feedback was your honest opinion and now the seller is super butt hurt. lol

  3. She was out of line to contact you repeatedly like that...I'm guessing there is some sort of language barrier there. If Amazon is anything like eBay, a negative feedback can really effect a persons ability to sell so hopefully you gave her a chance to make it right before you dinged her feedback....especially over such an inexpensive item.

  4. WOW. That's crazy stuff. Get a life wacko amazon seller!

  5. How scary! When I was getting married, I had an ebay seller that was mad because I rated her down for the shipping time, and decided to rate me 1 as a buyer along with some scathing emails. However, your crazy seller stalker is over the top! Good luck :(

  6. That's really scary. Hopefully Amazon will take care of it.


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